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Blog - February 2020

Feb 1- Tricks at Holland American Legion

Tricks is still pretty new to the Holland American Legion. I think this was our fourth time here in three years. Every night is memorable, but they kinda blur into one in our memory. We especially remember last year's golf outing. That was an epic crowd and those people love to dance (and drink). They really appreciate our rare selections; "Ballroom Blitz", "Radar Love", Grace Potter, Dire Straits, Steppenwolf, ... all those songs that most bands don't dare touch. Everyone seemed to be really connecting with us on those rare tunes. "Money For Nothing" and "Ballroom Blitz" really got the dance floor going. Steve kicks everyone's ass with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" every time - people love that drum solo stuff. Lots of head-bangers at the tables as well. "Table Dancers" is what we call those party people; If you don't want to dance, you can cheer on the band and the dancers from the comfort of your chair. Gotta keep an eye on those drinks, after all. Tricks will be back here on April 4, after our 8-week winter break. By then, we'll have a bunch of new songs in our refreshed repertoire. We were sad to miss our singer man, Don Welsh, but he'll be back with us in April. We texted him at 1am on the way back to Allegan, telling Don that he missed a real good one. Those Legion folks would go crazy over Don's classic favorites. But, we held our own without Don's reinforcement. Dozens of people were making a point to come up and tell us how good we sound (Thanks to sound man Dave), and what a great show we were putting on. "You guys look like you're having so much fun up there!" We could only respond with the truth, "the crowd is awesome, and we are nothing without a crowd to draw energy from". Thanks to our friends who came to Holland to make us feel at home - especially Debbie and Rhonda who were celebrating their birthdays this weekend. That gave us some familiar "Tricks Family" faces in a room full of "nearly" Tricks virgins. Thank you dancers! Thank you American Legion members. See you in April. Our very next TRICKS gig after winter "break".

Blog - December 2019
Dec 31 - New Year's Eve party at Allegan Eagles

Tricks played for the Allegan Eagles NYE party last year, and they immediately asked to book us for this year. Steve immediately said no, but the rest of us said yes. We had to find a suitable stand-in to play drums in Steve's place. We didn't have to look very far. Skip Herrema has been connected with the Tricks band since 1980, when the Herrema family lived next door to our practice house in Hopkins. In his pre-teen years, Skip and his sisters spent a few Saturday afternoons sitting in the corner of our rehearsal room, while Tricks put our cover songs together Skip says that experience was a key influence that led him to be a rock and roll drummer for the rest of his life. Skip was the drummer in Bassbeast's band "Meanstreak". When we hired Bassbeast in 2008, we also reconnected with Skip. He has played drums with us for several parties over these past ten years. But, we've never played a bar gig with Skip. So, over the past couple months we put in some rehearsal time at Skip's shed - at his mom & dad's house, just south of Hopkins High School. We were pretty merciless about cramming four hours of songs into Skip's head. Most of those songs we had played before with Skip, but only a few times at those scattered summer parties. Our rehearsals paid off and our show at the Allegan Eagles was a big success. People were cheering and dancing from the git-go.
Downtown Allegan was packed full of cars, because they have "The Biggest Ball-Drop in Western Michigan" on the riverfront. They had a freezing live band playing, along with food and beverage tents, and lots of outdoor heaters. We thought that action would take our crowd away, but the Eagles actually had so many people they had to set up two extra tables. The crowd thinned out just before midnight because people wanted to go check out the action at the riverfront. Besides the ball drop, they had a fireworks display over the river. But, by about ten after midnight, a bunch of people came back to end the night with some hot Tricks action. We only played a little after 12:30, because we started early at 8pm. That's a long four and half hour gig, with lots of demanding dancers to entertain. It helped that we had Don Welsh there to sing classic Bob Seger and a few other favorites. Don is always a big hit, and the Allegan fans gave him lots of love. What a vocal powerhouse! The favorites are always "Night Moves" and "Summer of '69". Thanks so much to Don and to Skip for helping Tricks make this NYE party a fantastic rock-fest. Thanks to the Eagles for hiring us. Thanks to Dave Lopez our soundman; lots of people remarked about how good the mix sounded - it's a good-sounding room, a lot like Wayland Hotel, but with a much bigger dance floor and cheaper drinks. Thanks to everyone who came out to join in the fun. You gotta work hard to play hard. You know it. And, oh yeah, ... thank you dancers! Happy new year / Happy new decade!

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