TricksBlog - September 2010

Sep 11 - Tricks at Doug's Big 50th Birthday Party - Holland Fish & Game Club

Ihe big "5"-"0" for Doug Dreyer . . . Plenty of drinking, eating, and dancing . . . Tim filled in on Bass
Tricks was honored to play at our friend Doug's 50th Birthday Party. It was a big surprise party. The surprise worked out perfectly, even though there was much worry and debate about how to get Doug into the building where the party was happening. Doug's hunting buddies brought him into the hall by telling him that there was some kind of archery event going on. When Doug got to the doorway, he saw the Tricks sign and literally jumped back a few steps. He came in with a crowd of friends yelling "Happy Birthday" and "Surprise". That's the kind of thing where you had to be there to appreciate the powerful emotions in the air. Doug went around the room shaking hands and hugging everyone in sight. When it was time for Tricks to start, we started out with a dance for Doug and Darcy.
Darcy was the party-planning queen. She called a year ago to get this date reserved. It was an open weekend in the Tricks schedule, so we originally planned on having just Rick & Krys do an acoustic show with Steve on electronic drums, because Dave our bassman already had family plans for the weekend. Just a few months ago, we decided to see if Tim could come over from East Lansing and play a one-night reunion for Doug's party. That way, we could have "real" drums instead of the electronic drums, and the real thing is always more fun for everyone. Tim agreed, and we spent many many e-mails deciding what the song list would be. Tricks had over a hundred songs with Tim on bass, but most of those songs haven't been played in the three years since Tim left the band. We knew that we had to do the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again", because that was always a top request whenever Verne and Doug came out to see Tricks at the bars. We also added "Paradise By The Dashboard Light", because that was a fan-favorite that we haven't performed since Tim left. Both of those songs went amazingly well, thanks largely to our "rehearsal" gig with Tim at Dylan's garage party last Saturday in Plainwell.
Great food from Beechwood Inn Catering. Cool-looking and good-tasting cake made by Creations by Marcia (Holland). That thing lit up the sky when they got all the candles going. Lots of good beverages. Eveyone was dancing all night to the Tricks tunes. All the ladies took turns dancing with Doug because, as everyone knows, Doug likes to dance.
Thanks to everyone for coming. Thanks to the decorators: Wendy Griffin, Donna Wyngarden, Lynn Alfaro, Deb Doud and Paul & Kris Huisingh. Thanks to Arlyn & Cindy Ritsema and Todd & Terry TenBrink for getting Doug into the building without blowing the surprise. Thanks to Roger for pictures. Thanks to Holland Fish & Game Club for a great venue. Thanks to Beechwood Catering for the food. Thanks most of all to Darcy, for putting this whole thing together. People will talk about this party for many years. Thanks to Doug for being a good sport and for being well-loved by so many good friends and family. Thanks for loving Tricks for all these years. Tricks loves you, too!!
And Darcy says, "A big "thank you" to Rick, Krys, Steve, Tim, and Dave (Tricks) for playing at Doug's bday party! Wow, you guys were awesome! I still can't believe we pulled one over on Doug. He was smiling all through the night (and still is). I know he'll never forget his 50th (I know I won't). What a great time! Thanks too for contacting all his Trendway buddies for me. I also want to thank Deb & Rick Doud for their hard work keeping the party going."
Doug's Party Pics

Sep 4 - Tricks and more at Dylan's Garage, Plainwell

Iim Clifford saved the day . . . We had a couple special guest super-stars . . . Lots of fun for all ages
Tricks had a reunion with our good friend and former bass man, Tim Clifford. Tim drove over from East Lansing to save the day for us, since our regular bass man, Dave couldn't make it this weekend. Dylan had a keg of Oberon and a roast pig, and some other party foods. It was a cool and breezy evening, but everyone had their sweatshirts on, and it was very comfortable. The cops only showed up after 11:30 when we were winding down the music. Perfect timing!
Wow! Tim did a fantastic job. I mean, we expected Tim to do a great job, but he was freaking great! I can't believe how well "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" turned out. That song is a mind-bender to play and remember all those parts. Same with "Won't Get Fooled Again" - Tim kicked butt on that Entwistle style bass. We even made Tim sing "Long Train Running", with Ray White joining in on lead guitar. Ray is a friend of Dylan's who played with Frank Zappa in the late 70's and early 80's. Ray has alos worked with Umphrey's McGee, and he even has a Wiki page
. After Tim sang "Long Train", we got Ray to sing a few blues tunes, with Steve Van Den Burgh joining in on guitar as well. Steve was with the legendary 60's group "The Thyme", and they had a hit single with the song "Love To Love" (with Bob Seger singing back-up vocals, no less!). Dylan even played drums for one song. And Rick played bass for a couple of Ray's songs. I gotta say the songs with Ray and Steve jamming was a top highlight of the party. Everyone was dancing and getting into the Ray White groove!
After the blues jamming, Tricks got up and played a couple more, and then we said "good night". With everyone hollering for "one more", and with neither bassman nor drummer in sight, Rick did the Porcupine Tree song "Feel So Low"
- with Steve VanDen Bergh adding some spacey guitar, creating a very nice "coda" to a very nice musical party.
Thanks to Jim for cooking the pig. Thanks to Dylan for all the work getting this party up and running. Thanks to Roger for taking pictures and running errands.

TricksBlog - August 2010

Aug 27 & 28 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, 3rd weekend of 3

Iricks friends out for a Friday party . . . . . . What ... the ...? . . . . . . . R-R-R-RICH PRATHER on the Tricks stage
This last blow-out weekend was the opposite of last weekend, as far as crowds. Friday was very quiet, and Saturday was wild and crazy. Funny how even a slow night has special moments and special people. On Friday we met Bob and LuAnn, who were sitting right up front and center for the entire night. There was also a birthday party for John. John had fun with his birthday cake, and Tricks sang the Beatles "Birthday" song.
And then there was the Saturday blow-out. Tricks' last night of 3 weekends at the Hotel - no brakes, no net, no rules! It's always good to go out with a bang on that last night. Julie and Rich Prather bought some friends out to celebrate Julie's birthday with Tricks at the Hotel. There also was, not just one, but a couple of bachelorette parties. Sarah and Danielle were the brides-to-be, and they brought all their partying girlfriends to celebrate with them. So, you can imagine the packed dance-floor action with all those girls getting wild and naughty. Saturday night's highlight for Tricks was when Rich Prather got up and sang a couple songs with us. Rich is a fantastic drummer and singer in the band Foolish Plezyer. Rich and Julie celebrate Julie's birthday each August with Tricks at the Wayland Hotel. This was the first time that we talked Rich into getting up on stage to sing a couple with us. Rich sang "We're an American Band" and "Whole Lotta Rosie". What a blast!
Thanks to Roger for taking pictures and video on Friday night. Thanks to Debbie, Dave, and Krystal for Saturday night pictures. Thanks to Mary Kay and her wait-staff for all the hard work keeping the party going. We love you guys. Thanks so much! See you at Thanksgiving time!
Fri | Sat

Aug 20 & 21 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, 2nd Weekend of 3

Friday night was a fun time with Kayleigh & Mike and a whole bunch of wild friends. They like getting crazy on the dance floor. Be sure to check out the Friday pictures for some wild dancefloor antics. We also were glad to have some of the Tricks fanclub from Hudsonville ready for Tricks action on a Friday night. A couple from Allegan and our friend Jay showed up because of the event posted on the Tricks Facebook page. You gotta like the Facebook "snowball effect", with information trading hands between friends and family.
We also got another surprise visit from a great musician, drummer, and friend from way back; Bill Roelofs and his wife Polly stopped in for a set. Bill says that he will be showing up for Dylan's jam party on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. You all are invited as well. Big loud fun garage party
with kegs of Oberon. Featuring a one-time reunion with former Tricks bassist Tim Clifford .
Saturday was very quiet, especially compared to the wild Friday night crowd. We still had a fun time. The band was very tight and punchy. We kept saying, "it would be nice if we played this well when the bar is full of people". Roger was wishing that he had the video camera. We'll bring the video camera next weekend. The most notable event on Saturday was a young couple celebrating their engagement. Sorry, I forget the names. But we dedicated some love songs to them. And, Krystal had a cake to further celebrate the "Dave & Dave" birthday, and that was yummy chocolate goodness.

| Sat

Aug 13 & 14 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, 1st weekend of 3

After 4 long and beautiful summer weeks off, Tricks got back into action at the Wayland Hotel. We were joking with each other about how bad the "brain-farts" were going to be, after having so much time off. Lots of times we have musical memory lapses after just a couple weeks of inactiviy. But, on Friday Tricks plowed through 4 sets of rocking tunes, and there were no noticeable brain-farts. Wow! How did that happen? It must be that we were itching to play, and our brains were "in tune" with the tunes. Go figure!
The huge surprise on Friday night was the appearance of Rich Heintzelman, our very good friend and former Tricks bass man, for many years (Richie played bass with Tricks in 1976 & '77, then again during 1998-2004. Rich also played bass with Rick in two pre-Tricks bands). Rich has been living in the state of Wyoming for the past 5 years, and we haven't seen him in that time. We couldn't talk Richie into jamming with us, but we had the funnest time with Richie partying with us. Other than Richie being there Friday, it was a "minimal crowd" night at the Hotel. Some Tricks and Hotel regulars, but nobody stayed up late with Tricks.
And then there was Saturday. Can you say, "Wild Night is Calling"? It was a rocking, dancing, head-banging, naughty-girls on the dance floor, drinking, chatting, laughing, ... well ... Wild Night on Saturday. We had some friends come over from Allegan, and that was very cool. We also were celebrating the "Dave and Dave" birthday. Dave our Bassbeast and Dave our Soundman share a birthday on July 17. But, I'm sorry that the "Dave x 2" was slightly overshadowed by the wild and loud crowd who just couldn't keep still. We had PG-17-rated action on the dancefloor, and you can just imagine that - I'm not telling. A good-sized chunk of the wild crowd was a softball team from Billy Peterson's (of Dorr) renowned Diamond Sports Training Academy in Wyoming
. Steve says, "If they play ball as well as they party it must be a helluva team!"
Thanks so much to Mary Kary and the Hotel staff, we love you guys and we appreciate your hard work. Thanks to the Alleganites for coming over to Wayland. Thanks to our regular Tricks fans for showing up to party with the band - you know who you are - we couldn't do it without you! Thanks to Roger for taking pictures and lots of other "honey-do" chores.
| Sat

TricksBlog - July 2010

July 10 - Tricks at Jane's 50th Birthday Bash, Hudsonville

This was a Tricks Party for some of our best friends and fun fans. We call this group of party-people the "Hudsonville Chapter of the Tricks Fan Club". To be honest, the group only started in Hudsonville, and it continues to branch out into other locales. Craig and Jane Bykerk have always hosted the best Tricks parties. This party was to celebrate Jane's 50th birthday, and it was the best Craig party ever. Craig has hosted 5 Tricks parties in his barn over the past 10 years. The very first Craig Tricks party was in 1990; a surprise 40th birthday party for Jane. To be more accurate, Craig has had 7 Tricks parties, because 2 parties were for his surprise 40th and 50th birthdays, and those parties couldn't be at Craig's barn, because they were both surprise parties for Craig. Get it? Craig's first 2 barn parties, for Jane and then for Liz, were "pay-back" surprise parties because Liz & Jane instigated Craig's surprise 40th Tricks party at Gleneagle Golfcourse Clubhouse. Each time Craig has another Tricks party, he makes improvements. First he beefed up the electrical service for the barn, then he built a nice drum riser for Steve's drums, then he hung poles for Krystal's light show. This time, Craig had a popcorn machine and a cotton-candy machine. Also, loads of fun are to be had with Craig's mouse roulette game, during band breaks. You can see the mouse game in the pictures, but you can't imagine the fun unless you were there. The party was good family fun for all ages. Lots of good food and drinks. The weather was perfect. Tricks rocked out from 8pm until past midnight, with lots of dancing action. No complaints from the neighbors. In fact, some neighbors were at the party.
Thanks to Craig and Jane for having Tricks. Thanks to everyone who brought cards and gifts for Jane. Thanks to everyone who brought food. Thanks to those who came Thursday to help set up the band. Thanks to Roger for pictures. Thanks to all the various helpers who helped with party preparations beforehand and clean-up afterward. Thanks to everyone who came out to help Jane celebrate and party-down in Tricks style. Jane has to be feeling the love!
Check out the 120 pictures of fantastic fun at Craig's barn party.

July 3 - Tricks at Allegan Independence Day Riverfront Concert, Allegan

Tricks was honored to be the top billing at Allegan's concert on the Riverfront. It was a fun-filled evening of entertainment for all ages. Everything started at 5pm, with a Parade through downtown. At 5pm, the musical entertainment on the Riverfront Center Stage started off with the Bridgetown band, featuring former mayor of Allegan Craig vanMelle. There were all kinds of food vendors, brat & burger Barbecue, a craft show, inflatable kiddy fun, petting zoo, pony rides, and lots and lots of people-watching! (See Roger's pics) At 6pm we were treated to the Nine Mile Smile band , featuring lead singer Jordan Carson of WOTV's "Face of 4".
At 8pm Tricks took the stage, and gradualy got the crowd dancing and smiling. Tricks played two hours, with no break in the rock and roll action. We made a point of playing our most popular "all ages" music, instead of our "show-off" jams. The pictures tell the tale. Much like the Dorr pre-fireworks show for the past three years, Tricks played for a captive audience and had to fight for attention over all the other activities and goings-on. There were hundreds of people there when we started, but as fireworks time approached, the crowd surged to well over a thousand people. Everyone was finding their favorite spot to set up for some fireworks watching fun. Tricks provided the music for all of this fun action. We had dancers and lots of "Tricks newbies" smiling and nodding in approval. After Tricks closed with "Ride On", the Star-Spangled Banner was sung a cappella by current Allegan Idol, Marina Georgopulos. Then, we were wowed by a huge fireworks display that just wouldn't quit!
Thanks so much to our Tricks fan, friends, and family who braved the traffic and mob-scene to give Tricks support and have some fun with the cool outdoors sound. Love it! Thanks to our helpers, especially Jim Howard who provided sound system and lights - excellent job, Jim. Thanks to Roger and Fred for photo and video detail. Thanks to all the vendors and the Allegan Rotary Club for some great food! Special thanks to Linda Clark and Vicki Knuckles for hiring Tricks for this incredibly fun gig. Thanks to Allegan Area Chamber of Commerce and all the volunteers who made this big Allegan Jubilee possible. Great job pulling this off without any major snafus; we know that's not easy. Tricks appreciates all the hard work that goes into making such a great family fun day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
You Tube Video from Allegan's July 3, 2010 Festival:

TricksBlog - June 2010

June 25 & 26 - Tricks at Potter's Log Cabin, Grand Rapids Michigan

Tricks needs to play here more often. What a riot! Dave Bassbeast brought in a great party crowd from SoundTech on Friday night. We felt smothered with affection from the Friday night crowd. Best Friday crowd of the year, for sure. Matt the owner said that his business has not been hurt much by the smoking ban. He actually has a big awning out in front, where people can sit on benches right by the door - there must not be a local regulation for "distance from the door" for outdoor smoking. That helps. Population density also helps, unlike the sad situation at the country bars. But, let's not get into that.
The fun continued on Saturday night, with another "sell-out" crowd at the Log Cabin. These people are wild! Tricks doesn't normally play city bars, because there is less inclination to "let it all hang out" or "let your hair down". But the Log Cabin is an exception to that rule. We couldn't have had more compliments from lots of Tricks virgins who were marveling at the quality rock and roll music. Out of humility, I won't quote the praise, but there were compliments in abundance. Matt the owner was more than willing to make us feel at home. What a nice guy. And Stephanie our waitress was too cute and bubbly. Super friendly and nice, hard-working and professional all at the same time.
We had some birthdays on Saturday night. Our best-friend-forever, Deb Peck is celebrating this week. Just in case she doesn't remember, "Deb, you had a good time at the Log Cabin." And our friend Donna, too. Happy Birthday from Tricks. We love ya, man!
Thanks so much to Matt for having us. We will try to book the Log Cabin more often, starting next year. Thanks to the great friendly staff. Thanks to Roger Schrag for providing the Bus-Ride for the birthday girls and their party. Thanks to the birthday girls for bringing your party to the LC with Tricks. Thanks to Bassbeast and his SoundTech pals for rocking our world on Friday night. Thanks to our regular helpers, friends, family, and fans. These single weekends are killers, because of all the set-up and tear-down work, but this one was well worth it. Now, someone point me to my couch.
BassBeast comments: "I guess all I can say is HELL YEAH !!! We had a great crowd at the Log Cabin. There were a lot of partiers that experienced TRICKS for the first time and we didn't hear any complaints. Only a few tables left untouched by the revelry. Felt great seeing old friends and co-workers as well."

The Dorr 4th of July Festival is cancelled because of the road / sewer construction messing up the entire town.

June 18 & 19 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, Weekend 3 of 3

Tricks final weekend at the Hotel, and final weekend of spring 2010. We brought back some old favorite songs to our setlist again, trying to keep those songs rotating and provide some variety to ourselves and our fans. We had a heck of a party weekend. Lots of people brought their parties to the Hotel, to party with Tricks. Thanks and Happy Birthday to the birthday people; Lisa, Krystal, Spud, Sherrie. And thanks to Maddie for bringing her bachelorette party on Saturday night. We have a ton of pictures - lots of girls on the dancefloor.
We did a Rick & Krys show in South Haven on Sunday afternoon, so we didn't get much chance to recuperate. Like I said, there are lots of pictures, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. After some slow weekends at the Sidetrack and here at the Hotel, we final had a pretty decent weekend. I'm afraid Tricks might end up losing one of our favorite bars if business doesn't pick up. Bars can't afford to keep paying bands when they aren't bringing in the crowds. It's sad that Michigan's smoking ban was supposedly intended to help bar and restaurant employees, and it's gonna end up destroying jobs for those employees. Using government force to fix social problems always leads to blow-back and unintended consequences. I don't mean to keep bringing this up, but it's right in our face - our band's life is at stake.
Thanks to Mary Kay and her staff for being so wonderful. Thanks to our Tricks family, friends, and fans for coming out to support local music and local cuisine. Thanks to Roger, Debbie, Tammy, Sherrie, Michael, Bryan, Jane & Craig, Deb & Bill, Donna & Denny, Patty, Lindsey, - you know who you are - we love you guys. Thanks for giving Krys such a HUGE bunch of LOVE for her 50th birthday. She is so happy with her life and her friends and her band. She says she's over her birthday finally. On Sunday at South Haven, she asked me not to bring it up (but I did anyway - tee hee).

June 11 & 12 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, Weekend 2 of 3

Tricks had a very slow night on Friday and a very fast night on Saturday. This roller-coaster ride is illustrated by the lack of pictures; there are very few pics for Friday because there were very few people, and there are very few pics for Saturday because we were having too much fun.
Thanks to the couple tables of people who hung out with us on a lonely Friday night. We had a great time, thanks to you people - you know who you are! Saturday was a long-anticipated party for Dave Bassbeast's buddies from long-times-past. Dave and his school buddies planned this "non-reunion" party way back in February, and the date and locations changed a couple times. So, it was amazing that we got the nice turn-out that we got.
Thanks to Mary Kay and her staff. Thanks to our Tricks helpers, friends, and fans.
Here are some words from Dave about the fun party on Saturday night.
Tricks was very happy to have the Kelloggsville contingent at The Hotel Bar last night.  We had graduates from 1977 through 1984.  It was really good to see everyone again and see everyone having a good time getting loose for a short time and enjoying each others company.  I got a chance to see old friends and my wife Debbie and the rest of the band got to experience some Kelloggsville craziness.  Hope to see everyone again soon. ROCK ON WITCHA' BAD SELVES !!!

June 4 & 5 - Tricks at Wayland Hotel, Weekend 1 of 3

Tricks is back in town at the Wayland Hotel. Mary Kay reports that, since Michigan's unconstitutional and immoral smoking ban went into effect, (Rick's words) bar business is down and dinner business is up. Tricks had two "medium" crowd nights, with the regular Hotel party people and regular Tricks family & friends. We appreciate everyone's support, during this summer season when people like to stay home on their back porch, or by their campfire.
During winter time, bad weather usually means small crowds at the bars. During summer time, good weather usually means small crowds at the bars. Oh well, that's show-biz! We have a fun time whether there's a crowd or not, but a head-banging and noisy crowd sure makes everything seem more worth the effort.
Thanks so much to Mary Kay for keeping the party going during these tough economic times. Great food at good prices is a big plus at the Wayland Hotel. Thanks to Roger for pictures.
Saturday was brother Larry's birthday, and he came all the way from Grand Haven to party with his brothers and sisters. Thanks for coming out, Larry! Happy Birthday, and many more!
Rick Doogie had an extra-adventurous musical weekend, with 5 gigs in 4 days. A test of grandpa's stamina.
Besides the Fri & Sat Tricks shows, Rick had a Thursday gig at Walldorff Brewpub in Hastings, a Sunday afternoon gig at Hilliards Corners, and a Rick & Krys outdoor gig at Steve's Kielbasa Cook-out, which you can read about below.
For details on Rick's Thur & Sun gigs, DoogieBlog is here. -
Pictures from Tricks at Wayland Hotel - Fri

June 5 - Rick & Krys at Steve's annual "Kielbasa Cookout" at Dick's Market in Dorr

Steve is not just a good drummer, he's a good sausage maker. Here's Steve's report on the day's activities:
The Biggest Cookout in Town was a big success again.
Threatening weather to the south never affected us - whew!
The townsfolk of Dorr always come out for this annual event.
Turnout was a bit light due to 142nd ave road construction.
We had a few hundred Kielbasa's left out of 900, those went to pay some of the helpers and also were for sale in the Hot Deli all evening.
The entertainment by Rick & Krys seemed to naturally fit, their second appearance here.
It's almost like they've always played the music for the Cookout.
I believe they even had plenty of fun-hecklers and even song requests.
At cleanup it was everything as normal, reflecting on the days success and then - tragedy struck!
I hadn't noticed how much the wind had picked up and before I knew it, the string broke on the Big Wiener Balloon.
It was flying across the lot as I chased it to no avail. In a minute it was gone with the wind, ignoring my pleas to come back.
As we all stared in disbelief, it soon was no more than a little dot in the northern sky.
Maybe the Big Brat Balloon thought it would be cool to join the big time at Festival in downtown GR today.
Whatever the reason, the Cookout will never be the same without our beloved balloon.
Thanks to all the helpers at Dick's Kielbasa Cookout.
Thank You to all our customers for finding a way to get here today - detours and all.
Kielbasa Cookout Pics

TricksBlog - May 2010

May 30 - Tricks at Dougie & Leslie's "Ride for the Cure" backyard party

This party started way back at the Mulder Family Benefit Auction, last year on October 30 . The original idea was to put a "3-hour Rick & Krys Party" as an item for the auction fundraiser. With Rick & Krys on the auction block, the bidding got up to $450. Then someone in the crowd said, "the price might go higher if you get the whole band up there." So, instead of just a Rick & Krys backyard party, we ended up auctioning off a Tricks band party. This Memorial Day Weekend party was where Tricks paid the piper, or actually, Doug & Leslie Duesterberg. Doug & Leslie, along with Jan, Woody, and Joe, were the bidders who won the Tricks party at the Mulder Auction.
The long hot Memorial Day started with the bike run, "Ride For The Cure", raising $1400 for Relay for Life. Thanks to Jan & Woody (owners of Earl's Farm Market), Dougie & Leslie, and Big Joe Gray for sponsoring the bike run and party. Thanks to Tom Harrington for the grrrreat chicken barbecue. Thanks to Sue's Sidetrack for the breakfast burritos to kick off the bike run, and thanks to the bar owners where the "Ride for the Cure" made their 2 stops; Rich at the Roadhouse Grill and Bill at Keeler Keg & Kitchen. Thanks to all the others whose favors helped make this party a great success. You know who you are; Doug says the list is too long to mention everyone who deserves a big "thank you".
Once again, thanks to all the Sue's Sidetrack Regulars, what a great bunch. Tricks loves you, man! Thanks to the Tricks friends who came out for the party, especially Sherrie who travelled the farthest of anyone. And thanks to Sue & Dave Hiscock, who seem to show up at lots of our Tricks events. Thanks to Rob & Jamie for hanging and banging with us. And it was good to see our friend Wally. As always, huge thanks to Roger; our go-for, show-fur, financier, camera-man, video & audio recorder, and best-friend of the band. Roger added some power and punch to our outdoor sound with the loan of his 2500 watt amp and 4 big concert-sized speaker cabinets.
Tricks wants to especially thank Doug & Leslie for the use of their beautiful backyard and deck. What a great layout. Although that deck is a bit high for lugging our band gear up and down those stairs. Doug is talking about making this Bike Run & Tricks Party an Annual event. Stay tuned!
Backyard Party Pictures
Update: Although we had a glimmer of hope in early summer,
We are sad to report that Colin passed away Sept 11, 2010,
a few days before his 5th birthday.
Here is an article about Colin's short life.

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