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Rick Dutkiewicz - Guitars, Vocals

E-mail - | Rick & Krys Family Website | Rick Doogie Musing

Tricks Start Date - Founding member of Tricks in March of 1976.

Birthdate - December 27, 1953, Grand Rapids

Hometown - Allegan

Early Musical Influences - Keith Richards (Stones), Pete Townshend (The Who), Alvin Lee (Ten Years After), Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Steve Howe (Yes), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Mick Ralphs (Mott The Hoople)

First Rock Concert - 1968, The MC-5 at The Note, Gun Lake

First Paid Band Gig - 1968 - Byron Center Roller rink, I was 15 years old in a band named "The Sunn", We got paid 5 dollars apiece

Current Musical Favorites - Kaipa, Karmakanic, O.S.I., Fates Warning, Yes, King Crimson, Spock's Beard, Porcupine Tree, Flower Kings, Nickel Creek, Dream Theater

Day Job - House-Husband, Lounge Singer, Guitar Teacher

Other Interests - Reading - History, Stateless Society, Non-Violent Communication, Free-Market Economics. Macintosh Computers, Sci-Fi movies / Sci-Fi TV, Rick keeps a blog - "Rick Doogie Musing"

Solo Acoustic Guitar entertainment and Guitar Lessons
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Steve Dutkiewicz - Drums, Vocals

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Tricks Start Date - Founding member of Tricks in April of 1976.

Birthdate - November 28, 1957, Dorr

Hometown - Dorr

Early Musical Influences - My drum instructors at Farrows Music, REO, Tull, Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon (The Who) Alan White (Yes), Bill Bruford (King Crimson), Genesis
(Phil Collins was by far the biggest influence on me, besides Rick - of course)

First Rock Concert - The Bee Gees with an orchestra -Lonely Days tour (before SNFever) at The Civic Auditorium G.R.

First Paid Band Gig - 1973 Dorr School gym I was 15 with Rick Nelson & Gary Niemchick, we called the group Hot Iron. Paid $10 each

Current Musical Favorites - Yes, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Fates Warning, Aerosmith, some alternative like Nickelback, & some country- Garth, Shania, Dixie Chicks

Day Job - Retired Owner/Operator Dick's Market, Dorr

Other Interests - Tammy, my wife & my 3 daughters, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, Playing golf - even though I suck. Surfing the web reading Individual Freedom essays, & dabble a bit @ ebay.

Krystal Dutkiewicz - Vocals / Lights

E-mail - | Rick & Krys Family Website

Tricks Start Date - Started running lights for Tricks 1990
Started singing lead onstage in 1995

Birthdate - June 16, 1960, Flint

Hometown - Allegan

Early Musical Influences - Ed Sullivan Show, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Uriah Heep, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Yes, Deep Purple, Heart

First Rock Concert - Alice Cooper (Welcome to My Nightmare), Kalamazoo Wing Stadium, 1975

First Paid Band Gig - Allegan Bridge Fest, 1982, played bass and sang in a band called Fine Line, made $20

Current Musical Favorites - Porcupine Tree, Yes, Aerosmith, Spocks Beard, King Crimson, Jewel, Nickel Creek, Evanesence

Day Job - Perrigo, Retired Senior Graphic Designer

Other Interests - Photography, Walking / Hiking, Partying of all types, My Portuguese Water Dog, Toby.

John "Ozzy" Bosscher - Bass

Tricks Start Date - Started Playing Bass for Tricks in January, 2011

Birthdate - April 10, 1963

Hometown -Born and raised in Byron Center, Graduated in Zeeland

Early Musical Influences - I remember sitting in the back of my dads car always requesting  the Who's Tommy on 8-track, or CCR's Cosmos Factory. Remember a lot of Moody Blues and Beach Boys, too. (This would be childhood days)

First Rock Concert - Beatlemania.

First Paid Band Gig - Threw a party in a warehouse we practiced in, not expecting a huge turnout, pulled in about 100 people. My guitarist John and I went back the next day and collected almost $60 in returnables, split it between the two of us since we were the ones renting the warehouse. 1987.

Current Musical Favorites - Still enjoy classic rock and classic metal. Classic Metal includes Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and of course, Metallica.

Day Job - Clean and press shirts @ Bunny Tuxedos

Other Interests - or things of interest, Served U.S. Navy 1990-95, enjoy selling on eBay, opened my own store there. I enjoy collecting glass in Amber color, playing my acoustic guitar, love going through flea markets and thrift stores looking for things to sell on eBay.





Who's Who Offstage?

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Tricks Band

~ Former Members ~

Dave Lopez - Sound Tech - 1977 thru 2022

Dave "Bassbeast" Trierweiler - Bass, Vocals - 2008 thru 2010
Dave's Band Bio -

Tim Clifford - Bass, Vocals - 2003 thru 2007 

Photos of Tim performing with Dew South, April 2008

Rich Heintzelman - Bass, Vocals - 1976 thru 1977, 1997 thru 2003

Greg Howard - Guitar, Vocals - 1999

Tom Hudson - Bass, Vocals - 1981 thru 1992, 1993 thru 1997

Ann Kozicki - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals - 1992 thru 1994

Tom Huitt - Bass, Vocals - 1992 thru 1993

Dale Boysen - Guitar, Vocals - 1980 thru 1993

Steve Raab - Lights - 1976 thru 1989

Scott Markle - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - early 1980

Michael VanDyke - Lead Vocals - 1976 thru 1978

Tom Baird - Bass, Vocals - 1976, 1977 thru 1978

Bill Romanowski - Synthesizers, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals - 1976 thru 1977