Tricks History 1993

January 1, 2, 1993 - Tricks at Stan's in Dorr

January 13, 14, 15, 1993 - Tricks at Cheek To Cheek in Kalamazoo

January 29, 30, 1993 - Tricks at Cleo's in Grand Rapids

February 5, 6, 1993 - Tricks at Stan's in Dorr
February 12, 13, 1993 - Tricks at Stan's in Dorr

Early in 1993, Dale got a 2nd shift job and decided to leave Tricks. We rehired the always kind and considerate Tom Hudson to be our bass player / vocalist, and Rick promised never to fire him again unless he became a millionaire land baron who needed to split his time between Michigan and Texas in order to manage his vast land holdings in Texas. Just kidding. Okay, half kidding... Who knew? Go figure! Oh Tom, please forgive me; Steve made me do it... (see 1997 for "the rest of the story" )

We affectionately know this incarnation of Trick as "Tricks, Deep Space Nine".
The Star Trek reference came from the fact that, amongst ourselves, we called Tricks v.3.0 "Tricks, The Next Generation". It only made sense that the next version of Tricks would be called "Tricks, DS-9".
Hey, if you're not into Star Trek, don't ask.

We spent the remainder of 1993 getting together a band with Ann still on keys, and Tom Hudson back on bass. This is also the year that we gave Krys a microphone back at her light control board, so she could help sing harmonies.

Tricks v.4.0 members were:

Steve Dutkiewicz - Drums / Vocals
Tom Hudson - Bass / Vocals
Ann Tryon - Keyboards / Vocals
Rick Dutkiewicz - Guitar / Vocals
Krys Dutkiewicz - Light Tech / Vocals
Dave Lopez - Sound Tech

We learned lots of the same songs that we did last year with Tricks "TNG", only now we had to give Dale's harmonies to Krys and the guitar parts had to be chopped down for Rick's lone guitar.

Here are a couple YouTube videos of this version of Tricks:

Head East "Never Been Any Reason"

Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good" - cut short because we had

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