Wayland Hotel Bar & Grille,

The WAYLAND HOTEL is located in the center of Wayland, on the Southwest corner of the intersection of Division and 135th Ave.

The Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill is an excellent party place. Josh the owner has done some improvements since taking over. As always, the food is fabulous. The atmosphere is very friendly. The staff is very good at serving your party needs. This is the place to take your party, whether it's for birthday, bachelorette, or whatever.

Tricks always has a fun time at the Wayland Hotel, being right in "Tricks Country". We get lots of people coming up to us saying, "I remember Tricks playing at my senior skip-day party" or "I remember that Tricks party out in that field north of town, back in the 70's". Oh Yeah, that brings back memories of great fun.

The great fun is alive and well at the Wayland Hotel. See ya there!

Dancing Fun!
The Wayland Hotel is a great place to spend the night eating, drinking and dancing.

The Wayland Hotel has a nice wide stage and a nice wide dance floor, newly finished.

Great Sounding Room!
People alway say to us, "you guys sound great in here". I don't know what it is, but the room really makes Tricks sound extra good.

A very comfortable place.

Driving, Parking Directions

See the map below.

The Wayland Hotel is in the heart of the city of Wayland, "at the main four corners", as we say out here in the country.

Parking out back is best

You can park out front on the street, but most people park out back. There is plenty of parking behind the Wayland Hotel, and the rear entrance is clearly marked.

Come on in!

The Wayland Hotel is right at the main "four corners" of Wayland.

Take US131 to the Wayland Exit,
go east about one mile,
turn right into the parking lot across from the fire station.

The Wayland Hotel is located at 104 S Main St Wayland, on the corner of Superior and Main.
TRICKS music and dancing starts at 9:30, but come early to sample the great food at the Wayland Hotel.