Mid 2005 Tricks

September 2005

Sept 2 & 3 - Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill - Weekend 3 of 3

Friday was the beginning of Labor Day Weekend and the last night for Tricks in our 3 weekends at the Wayland Hotel. The weather was great and we had a great time with lots of the usual friends at the Hotel. We appreciate the friendly bartenders and waitresses at the Hotel. Everybody always has such a fun time, and the staff deserves lots of credit for that. Tricks feels right at home when we play at the Hotel. We love the big stage, great sounding room, and big dance floor, where we and our friends can cut loose. Sorry we can't stay longer right now, but we'll be back around Thanksgiving time. See you then!

August 2005

Aug 26 & 27 Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill - Weekend 2 of 3

Friday and Saturday were equally fun - great crowd, great band, great bar - what a blast! Friday started a little slowly, but started happening around 2nd set, 11 o'clock or so. Saturday was a rowdy crowd from the start. We had some special friends as well as some new fans. and even some real oldies from way back in Tricks history. Thanks to Mary Kay and her great girls - we love you guys.
For a cool $10, you can pick up a new Tricks T-shirts or girls tank-tops (with Tricks logo matching our cool new stage banner - thanks to our super graphics girl Krystal). Thanks to Deb for hooking us up with a good t-shirt printing place.

Aug 19 & 20 - Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill - Weekend 1 of 3

Our long-time Tricks soundman, Dave Lopez, turned 50 this week. Dave is the unsung hero of Tricks. Without his help, we wouldn't sound as good as we do. Dave gets the sound "just right" for whatever room we're playing in, and sometimes it isn't very easy. But, here at the Wayland Hotel, Dave has a pretty easy job; the room sounds really great. Lots of people tell us that this is the best sounding room that Tricks plays in. Other Tricks fans like the great dance floor. While others like to come before 9PM to get some of the great Wayland Hotel cuisine. Anyway you like it, we had a fun weekend with Dave; eating, drinking, dancing, rocking...!! Thanks to Dave for his great work over the years, and we wish you many more.

July 2005

July 30 - Tricks Lite at Tommy's Pool Party in South Haven

Party on the Patio with TRICKS LITE, baby! Tim, Krys, and Rick singing at the pool party. Close friends and family got together for Tommy's surprise "40th" birthday party. Everyone had a great time. Lots of singin', dancin', good food eatin', pool splashin', sauna ralaxin', and campfire sittin'. Thanks to Rich and Tara for putting on such a great party. Lannette O'Flynn got up and blew us away with some great a capella singing - you go girl! Check out the pictures. Roger crashed the party to help us take pictures. Maybe we'll talk Steve into playing e-drums for the next party at Tommy and Tara's house in South Haven. -

July 22 & 23 - Tricks at Side Track Bar & Grille - Weekend 2 of 2

Tricks' 2nd weekend at the Side Track with a fun bunch on Friday, and an extremely wild crowd on Saturday. All the stars were out on Saturday. Lots of hot dancers. Superlative fun! The Side Track will be a regular slot on the Tricks calendar from now on. We appreciate the friendly staff - Sue, Dan, Don, Rick, Doug, and Paul, - Thanks for doing what you do so well.
On Saturday night, Doug told Krys, "the Side Track has a new favorite band now". Aw, you say that to all the bands.
Tricks feels right at home at the Side Track; a very comfortable, down-home party place - clean, classy but not prissy - that's what we like. Sue and Dan pay attention to the details. Thanks to everybody for your support. Love ya!!
An Extra Special thanks to Marsha and Lisa and all their dancing girlfriends. Yeah baby!

July 15 & 16 - Tricks debut at Side Track Bar & Grille - Weekend 1 of 2

Tricks had too much fun at their premiere weekend at the Fennville SideTrack (actually located in Pearl, Denny). We don't usually play much during the summer months; we like to save our summer weekends for lounging in the hot sun.
But, ... we've been wanting to get our proverbial foot in the door at Sue's Side Track for more than a year now. Manager Dan called us with 2 weekends open in July, and we decided to go for it. The air conditioning was on, but the crowd was so hot, you couldn't help but break a sweat. Check out the pictures. We love this place, it was such a blast, the staff is great.

July 4 - Independence Day Parade in Dorr - Steve's Double Drum Float

Steve and Pat (drummer from the Common Bond rock band) made lots of noise and rumble with their DOUBLE DRUM FLOAT CELEBRATING THE 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF DICK'S MARKET. What a fun time!! Thousands of people were lining the streets to see Dorr's huge annual 4th of July parade. Steve and Pat had souvenir "Stick with Dick's" drumsticks that they were throwing to the crowd. Directly in front of the drum float was the Grand Marshall float with Dick and Rusty onboard, a few of their grandkids and great-grandkids throwing candy to the crowd.
This was history in the making. You've never seen anything quite like it: 2 Rock and Roll drummers rolling down the street, trading licks and making a big, big sound! The crowd absolutely loved it; they screamed and clapped and cheered.

June 2005

June 24 & 25 - C&C Country Lanes In Dorr - Weekend 2 of 2

It was a very fun 2 weekends at C & C Country Lanes in Dorr. This was our first gig at the Lanes. Tricks made a good first impression, and it looks like we'll be back here in December. Yee-ha! This weekend, it was very hard to keep cool, but when you're having this much fun, you hardly notice. The band feels so very tight and the crowd makes all the right moves on the dance floor. A well-oiled musical machine: "You are the music, we're just the band".

June 17 & 18 - C&C Country Lanes In Dorr - Weekend 1 of 2

Tricks had a great turnout for their first weekend of two at C&C Country Lanes, Hillcrest Mall, in Tricks hometown, Dorr.
The big room was full of fun people partyin' with Tricks. The best fun was the big dance floor - there was some fancy moves happening. This is a new place for Tricks Party Time. Good atmosphere, A very nice place to come out and play.
The Tricks Hat made a comeback, YOU get to pick a song and the the band MUST obey the hat. And... Finally, . . . the New Tricks Banner made a quiet debut spicing up the look of the Tricks stage - thanks to Krystal for her great work on the new and improved Tricks logo design. We'll probably change the website header to match the new banner.
Thanks so much to everyone who came out for this opening weekend. COOL!

June 12 - Kayleigh's Graduation Party with Tricks Lite

Tricks played for Kayleigh Dutkiewicz's graduation party. It was Sunday afternoon, with occasional rain, but tons o' fun. There was fabulous food, great games, beer, trampoline, pool, band, friends, family, neighbors, ... you name it! A great time was had by young and old alike. Steve and Tammy knocked themselves out bringing together all the pieces of this great Event-Of-A-Lifetime. Although it was a partly sunny day, you can see in the pictures how Tricks was "singing in the rain" - like Gene Kelly, only with plastic and tarps covering our electronic equipment. Check out the pictures.

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