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Tricks - 30 Years and still Rockin'! (1976 - 2006)
Throughout 2006 Tricks is celebrating by giving away free Tricks stuff.
• We draw for Tricks cooler cups each night, Friday and Saturday.
• We draw for Tricks T-Shirts every Saturday Night.
• All entries go for the grand prize (drawing at New Year's Party): a pair of concert tickets
(Go with Tricks to see a concert -to be announced- in Roger's Magic Bus,)

May 2006

May 12 & 13 - Sidetrack - 2nd of 2 weekends -

Tony surprised his fiancé Tina with a New Yamaha!
Tricks was honored to help host some very ultra super-duper special events at Sue's Side Track.
Tony surprised his fiancé Tina with a new Yamaha Motorcycle. Tina was blown away, to say the least! Sue arranged to help surprise Tina . . . The plan was for Sue to get Tina on the dance floor (I'll bet Tina wondered what the hell was going on when the band kept singing "Ride Tina Ride" during "Mustang Sally"!) - meanwhile, Tony rolled the new bike into the bar. Tina burst into tears; it was great! That was just too cool!
On the birthday party scene for Saturday night - Krystal's sister Jen turned 50. Jeff & Darla, Don & Ret, Marcus, Bob & Lori, Kristen, Dylan, Nick & Vickie, and a bunch of other family and friends came out to Sue's Side Track to have some great food, great dancing with some band named "Tricks", great drinking and laughing, . . . it's pretty safe to say: "Everyone had a GREAT TIME at the Side Track with Tricks"!!

Cooler Cup Winner for May 12 was Jeremy Holmes
Cooler Cup Winner for May 13 was Tony Smith√
Tricks T-Shirt Winner for May 13 was Wayne Pendergrass√

May 5 & 6 - - Sidetrack - 1st of 2 weekends -

. . . . . . . . .Marcia's Naughty Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .come out to play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . at the SideTrack.
Tricks settled in for 2 weekends at Sue's Side Track. We love this place for its comfortable country atmosphere, the huge dance floor, nice big stage, great food, cool outdoor picnic table area (with horse shoe pits), and of course, the friendly staff who know their stuff when it comes to playing host to a bunch of party people. Did I mention the SideTrack has great food!?? We were glad to be in on the birthday party for Sue's niece, Marcia, and all her wild girlfriends. We had an extra special night Saturday with a visit from "Singles By Design", a singles social club (Thanks to Diane!). Thanks to everyone for coming out to rock with Tricks.

Cooler Cup Winner for May 5 was Jim Doorn
Cooler Cup Winner for May 6 was Judy Skinner√
Tricks T-Shirt Winner for May 6 was Marcia's Friend Stacy Nolan√

April 2006

April 29 - Chelsea & Channon Wedding at Holland Fish & Game Club -

. . . . . . . Chelsea & Channon . . . . . . . . . . . Good Luck & Best Wishes! . . . . . . . . . . .
Almost a year and a half ago, Craig and Jane Bykerk reserved this date on the Tricks calendar for their daughter Chelsea's wedding. Tricks isn't a wedding band, but how could we refuse our loyal fans/friends? The Rock 'n' Roll reception for Channon and Chelsea Spaans was held at Holland Fish and Game Club. After a great dinner, after cutting the cake, after the drinks started flowing, after the bouquet and garter had been tossed, Tricks had all the Spaans and Bykerk family and friends dancing up a storm. We wish Channon and Chelsea all the best happiness in their future life together.

April 21 and 22 - C&C Country Lanes in Dorr - 2nd of 2 weekends -

The Tricks crowd had a rowdy good time this weekend at the Country Lanes. The excellent party people were making the scene with good time rockin' and rollin' . . . Tricks style! It's good to see some faces that we haven't seen in a while, you know who you are. Yeah, you! As for the regular Tricks die-hard fans - thanks so much for keeping up with Tricks. Also a huge thanks to Boyd the owner for keeping the Lanes "Rockin' on the hill". Check out these picture of our fun time in Dorr.

Cooler Cup Winner for April 21 was Kim Shoup√
Cooler Cup Winner for April 22 was Ann Steffes√
Tricks T-Shirt Winner for April 21 was Lisa Richlich

April 14 and 15 C&C Country Lanes in Dorr - 1st of 2 weekends -

Tricks returns to the C & C Country Lanes. Friday was plenty fun (see the pictures), and Saturday, Easter Eve, had a small but quality crowd. The band was very tight on both nights. Tim is downright perky since he stopped doing overtime at his day job. Rick says thanks to the 3 guitar players who hung around for the Saturday night gig. It was good to have some guitar feedback, . . . get it? On Friday night, we had such an interesting blast from the Tricks past, I had to add a story to the Tricks 1976 History page (Byron Center High School). Curious? See the Tricks 1976 page. Scroll down to October 8, and read the sidebar for Rick's side of the story. Steve might have more to add, or maybe he wants to forget the whole thing . . .

Cooler Cup Winner for April 14 was Gale Potter√
Cooler Cup Winner for April 15 was Karen Wolters√
Tricks T-Shirt Winner for April 15 was Jim Howard√

March 31 & April 1 - Wayland Hotel - 3rd of 3 weekends -

. . . . . . . . . . . The new t-shirts are here! . . . . . . . . . . .
Tricks had the usual gr-r-r-r-r-reat time at the Wayland Hotel.
Thanks to everyone for coming out to join in the fun. These past three weekends were a great testing ground for the new Tricks songs. We gave the new songs a good test-drive, and they are proving to be great dance songs, as we had hoped. We can't thank Mary Kay enough. You go girl! You know how to make the party happen. You're the hostess with the mostest, professionally speaking of course! We can't say enough good things about May Kay and the girls who work hard so we can all play hard at the Wayland Hotel. Thanks so much! We love ya!
See you again at the Wayland Hotel in late August.

Cooler Cup Winner for April 1 was Terrie Smith√.
T-Shirt Winner
for April 1 was
Nancy Slater√.

March 2006

March 24 & 25 - Wayland Hotel - 2nd of 3 weekends -

. . . . Our friend John Huitt B-day Boy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tricks is getting into the groove with their 20 new songs. The basement work is paying off: the dancers are loving the new songs. Friday's crowd was low-key but the band sounded good, or so they tell us - everyone had a good time. Saturday was right back into the Tricks Crowd Craziness. We had birthdays, bachelorette parties, and all kinds of friends and family getting together for the guaranteed fun at Mary Kay's Wayland Hotel. Thanks to the great staff ; you girls are the best - we love ya! We always hear lots of compliments from the girls about what good quality people Tricks brings in: So Polite, Extra Fun, Very Friendly, Everyone Smiling, Good Tippers! Thanks to everyone for coming out and having fun with Tricks. We are proud to have such a quality bunch of friends and fans. Tricks is having a blast with the new songs. For those who didn't make it - we miss you and hope to see you soon.

Cooler Cup Winner for March 24 was Sam Weidner√.

March 17 & 18 - St. Patty's Day weekend at Wayland Hotel - 1st of 3 weekends -

Tricks played their first bar gig of 2006 - and it might have been the best crowd night of the year - already!! We crammed a record-breaking crowd into the Wayland Hotel for the Friday St. Patrick's Day celebration. Lots of festive people in the mood for a party. Saturday, the crowd was still respectable, with best wishes going to Mark for his birthday - thanks for coming down! Tricks is getting into the groove with their new songs that they learned over the winter break. The new songs make the night more interesting for everyone. The dancers appreciate dancing to new stuff. What a fun time everyone had this weekend. We'll have to do that again some time soon. See ya next weekend, same time, same place.

Cooler Cup Winner for March 17 was Jenny Anderson√.

March 11 - Party for Ali and Sneak - Dorr American Legion -

Tricks hosted a party for two family members who seem to grow older about this time each year.
Randy (Sneaky) Birman and Ali Dutkiewicz were surrounded by family and friends, and spent the evening (what else?) drinking and dancing with Tricks. Thanks to Tammy and crew, there was good food and plenty of beer to go around. This was the "Coming Out" party for Tricks, as we just spent the past 2 months hibernating in the basement while adding about 20 new songs to our ever-growing repertoire. So, this was our chance to get over the hump, the chance to play these songs for the first time in front of a highly critical (i.e., highly buzzed) audience. The new songs had the party hopping and dancing and singing along. An excellent time was had by all!
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to party with Ali and Sneak.
Thanks to Tammy, Lisa, Sam, and all the workers who made this party happen.

February 2006

"What I did on my winter vacation"

Tricks Basement Work
February - Tricks seems to be out of action during January and February, but there's no rest for the weary. Or is that supposed to be, "no rest for the wicked"? Whatever!
Steve, Rick, Krys, and Tim were busting their brains trying to expand the Tricks repertoire. Tammy was nice enough to let us use her basement once again, and we've had about ten rehearsals during the past seven weekends.
See our "Songs" page to view the list of songs that Tricks is adding for 2006.
Tricks Work - Stuck in the dang basement every Friday night -
Basement -

Feb 28 - Rick & Krys with the Weideman Family Band in Grand Haven -

- We had some Rick and Krys fun with our cousins, The Weideman Family Band.
The Weidemans play the first Saturday morning of each month at the Morning Star Cafe.
The Morning Star is a restarurant in Grand Haven where they serve only breakfast.
Thanks to Uncle Bill and cousins Steve, Laura, and Tom.
Breakfast -

January 2006

Rick and Krys Party Time
Jan 28 - Ted Hintze's party in Douglas -

On top of learning new songs for Tricks, we had a couple fun Rick and Krys gigs.
We had a Rick and Krys jam with some bluegrass musicians at a party in Douglas.
This was mostly a party with Rick's Trendway pals who have "Up North" canoe and campfire parties during the summer time. The same bunch decided that they wanted to have a winter-time party "Down South" in SW Lower Michigan. The party was an all-weekend event, starting with Saturday afternoon pool party with everyone's kids, then a big potluck dinner, then a jam session with musical friends from up north and down here. The whole affair was at the Douglas Amer-Inn, so many got rooms for the night, and they resumed the party in the morning, with more munchies, swimming, and bloody maries.
Thanks, Ted. Great idea.
Douglas Party -

Jan 6 & 7 - Sidetrack Bar & Grill - Weekend 2 of 2 -

Friday was a great night, Saturday was a greater night. Sue's Side Track Bar is the greatest!
You won't find great party places like this in the nasty old city. You gotta come out to the backwoods of Allegan to see how it's done. I wouldn't lie to ya! This is prime party country. The Side Track has the biggest, funnest dance floor you'll ever see. Lots of great room for cuttin' it loose and shakin' that thang. All I can say is "Yeeeee Haaaa!!" Yeah Baby !!

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