TRICKS - June 2008

June 27 & 28 - Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill, Weekend 3 of 3

Tricks Blow-out weekend at the Wayland Hotel. I Know that I sound like a broken record (kids, go ask your parents about that), but we just had a huge blast at the Wayland Hotel. Friday was a smaller crowd, but a bunch of friends from Allegan came out to hang and bang with Tricks - All Night Long! It was pouring rain outside, but it was cozy inside the Wayland Hotel. The place was hopping! Tricks had a great night on Friday and we appreciate it when people drive a bit to get in on the Tricks Party Train.
And Saturday, . . . don't even get me started! We had birthdays and more birthdays. People must know that they can count on having a good time when the Tricks guys and gals team up with the Wayland Hotel staff. Okay, what names can I remember? Both Donna and Deb were celebrating birhdays with our so-called "Hudsonville Fan Club" (I know they don't care for that name, because duh, they're not all from Hudsonville - but that's where everything originated). We also had birthday boy Paul with the Big 4-0! And we had another birthday boy, Scott.
That was a hoot! We had cakes and balloons, cards and presents, and all that good stuff. It was a massively good time, with everyone in the mood for Drinking and Dancing with Tricks.
Plenty of friends, family, and regular Tricks fans who knew that it was our last Saturday of 3 fun weekends with Mary Kay and her girls. Thanks once more to the wait-staff and bartenders. It makes all the difference when you have a good-looking, on-the-ball, helpful, and handy bunch of helpers to keep the party going. There was nothing but smiling faces as far as the eye could see.
Check out my pictures to see those smiling faces for yourself. (Thanks to everyone who took pictures, I saw lots of people passing the Rick and Krys cameras around.)

Fri | Sat
Check out Steve's pictures of the New Dick's Market under construction:
Pictures of Steve's new store "Dick's Market". -

June 20 & 21 - Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill, Weekend 2 of 3

Great weather this week - a little too nice for big huge bar crowds. But the small groups of Tricks friends that came out this weekend were intense. We had some enthusiastic dancers and head-bangers on both Friday and Saturday nights. Eric and Nyan came out on Friday night to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary with Tricks - on June 10, 1989 Tricks played for Eric and Nyan's wedding in Paw Paw. Long time, no see. But we managed to plow through a few special songs just for the happy couple: "Wild Horses", "Expresso Love", and "Romeo & Juliet". There were diggin' the Dire Straits / Tricks style.
And we also had a big table-full of Debbie and Dave's friends who were saying farewell to their friend Rick, who is a National Guardsman heading out for his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq.
And then on Saturday we had another fantastic blast from the past with our ol' friend Wally and family. His daughter Megan Wolowicz is shipping out to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 9 days, and Megan needed to have a blow-out rock & roll night one time before starting her grueling school schedule. Mary Kay was nice enough to let 18-year-old Megan hang out with her parents all night long.
FYI, our Tricks connection with Wally is a big party that Wally threw back in the 80's. Wally rented this entire big campground in a field out near Yankee Springs. Wally had several bands, including our friend Tom Northrup's band "Frau Brau". I don't remember much from that party, so we must have had a great time. I recall a big hay wagon for a stage and we started the Tricks show with the April Wine song "Big City Girls". Don't ask me why I remember those details. I also remember an AC extension chord catching fire because we were running long lines from several campsite plug-ins.
Anyway, it is exactly these pleasant "blasts from the past" that are part of what makes playing at the Wayland Hotel so much fun. We continually run across old friends and fans from historic Tricks gigs of yesteryear.
You're in "Tricks Country" now, baby.

Debbie Pix |Fri - | Sat -

June 13 & 14 - Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill, Weekend 1 of 3

Tricks is happy to back at the Wayland Hotel. After a month of Tricks Lite gigs and improvised set-ups in various garages and tents, it's soooo good to set up our gear on the nice big comfortable stage at Mary Kay's Wayland Hotel. It feels GOOD! The Tricks crowds this weekend weren't big on quantity, but the quality is what really matters. And, let me tell you about the Quality. We had people dancing all night long - that's what we're here for!! Plenty of enthusiasm singing along, laughing and dancing with the Tricks Tunes. The band was in rare form, glad to be back home with the Wayland Hotel bunch.
We had Krystal's birthday celebration on Saturday night, with extra help from our so-called "Hudsonville Tricks Fan Club". Thanks for coming, everybody! Happy Birthday, Krys! Lots of good food, drinks, dancing, and all that good stuff. We especially love the staff at the Wayland Hotel. Mary Kay has a nice bunch of good-looking girls who know what it takes to keep the party going. Thanks so much to all the bartenders and waitresses. Tricks appreciates your hard work. Thanks! It all adds up to a nice comfortable atmosphere where everyone can let their hair down while they hang and bang with Tricks & Co. Thanks to Roger and Debbie for picture-taking.

- Debbie Pix | Fri | Sat

June 7 - Shannon Grad Party, Steve's Backyard, Dorr

Tricks Lite was part of the backyard fun on Saturday afternoon. Friends and Family came over to offer best wishes to Shannon Dutkiewicz on her High School Graduation and 18th Birthday. Steve & Tammy did a ton of work in preparation for this big shindig. There was all kinds of good food, drinks, games for young and old kids, swimming pool, trampoline, horseshoes, and so on, ...
Did I mention that we also had Tricks there? For a couple hours, at least. See, ... The plan was to play until the police came or about 10 o'clock. But the Tricks Jams got a rude interruption right around 8pm, after just 2 sets of songs. It had just started sprinkling a little and we were ready to keep going after covering up with tarps and plastic. But, Steve made the excellent call, against everyone's protest, to shut Tricks down and pack up the electronic gear because he looked at the weather radar, and there was a huge green blob coming across Lake Michigan, with no end in sight. Good thing! We got all the Tricks gear and instruments packed into the vans within about 20 minutes, just as a mega-downpour hit the back yard and forced the party into the garage.
Thanks so much to Tammy and Steve and their many little helpers who got all of this together for a great backyard Tricks party in Shannon's honor - Maybe the last Tricks party at Steve's, but we'll see about that . . .
Good luck and best wishes, Shannon! We love you always!
Steve speaks: "Tammy and I are very proud of Shannon not only for graduating and planning her further studies in college, but for her amazing self-disciplined life change of diet & exercise recently. It has changed her from the chunky sweet girl we always loved into a beautiful young Lady! June 7 happens to be Shannon's 18th birthday also. Seems to make this so final so soon for Tammy & me."

Shannon Party Pix -

News from TRICKS - May 2008

May 30 & 31 - Log Cabin, Grand Rapids

Tricks played a weekend at the Log Cabin. Friday was a good crowd, and Saturday was a Great crowd. Thanks to Matt the owner for having us. Thanks to the friendly staff for the great service. Thanks to everyone who showed up to party with Tricks. We had several birthdays on Saturday night. Happy birthday to John the bouncer! The Log Cabin is Bassbeast's old stompin' grounds from his Meanstreak days. So we had lots of Dave and Debbie family and friends. Even Dave's mom came out on the town to see her boy play bass and sing with Tricks at the Log Cabin. Dave BassBeast was happy playing on his newly-refretted PRS bass. TWANG, THUMP, & CHUNKA-CHUNK!!
Tricks really likes playing at the Log Cabin; we would love to play there several times every year, because it's within range of lots of old Tricks and Meanstreak fans from way back. But, for 2008, we only have one more weekend booked at the Log Cabin, mostly
due to Steve's new grocery store construction... See pics of new store-.

Fri Pix: DebbiePix: Sat Pix:

Words from BassBeast to Guitar Doctor Dale concerning the new fret job on his Paul Reed Smith bass:
"Great work on the PRS. It's everything I was hoping for. It plays better now than when I first purchased it. Now, when I do a pull-off, a hammer-on or a slide run you can actually hear a distinction between the notes far better than before. A good example is "Hush" by Deep Purple. Lots of pull-off / hammer-on action going on in that tune in the lower registers. Every note is crystal clear, with or without amplification. I don't know if you did any turns on the neck but whatever you did, it plays way better than before."

May 25, Sunday - Cal Klooster's 50th, Burnips

Tricks was honored to be the musical entertainment at Cal Klooster's surprise 50th Birthday Party. The party was organized by Cal's girlfriend, Leanne, The festivities took place at Bill & Gloria Lenhart's polebarn near Burnips. There were about 60 people there. Tons of food and plenty of beer.
Fantastic fun appearance by comedienne Vicki Potter. Playing the part of an old girlfriend of Cal's, Vicki had everyone holding their sides while she lampooned the birthday boy with some racy and naughty humor.
And then it was time for Tricks Lite, with Steve on E-drums and Dave on his gay, I mean gray, ... okay lavender Ibanez back-up Bass (Guitar doctor Dale is re-fretting Dave's PRS Bass). You can see in the pictures that Dave is not happy without his Paul Reed Smith Bass. Happily, the blue PRS bass will be back in action, with shiny new frets, next weekend at the Log Cabin bar in G.R.
Tricks rocked Bill & Gloria's polebarn up to the midnight hour, until there were only a handful of people left dancing with us - lots of farmer friends had to get up early for work the next morning. But Tricks had a very fun time jamming and partying with Cal and Leanne.
As a bonus, we took home some left-over food at the end of the night - awesome beef and pork roast, lots of party foods, dips, and salads, ... and plenty of homemade cookies. Leanne said she didn't want to run short on food, so she had plenty on hand. No one went hungry, that's for sure. Thanks so much to Leanne and Gloria and Bill for all their work putting on this great party for Cal. Happy birthday, Cal! This was a very special night, and the Tricks band is grateful that we were a part of it. Thanks!
Check out the pictures from the barn -
Party Pix -

May 10 - Dylan's Party, Plainwell

Tricks had a blast from the past in more ways than one last night.
For 1, we had a Party On The Patio, just like in that good ol' ZZ Top song.
For 2, we went through exactly 2 Kegs of Bells Oberon Ale - A good ol' Rock & Roll Kegger, just like in the old days; with neighbors calling the cops and little neighbor kids coming over to see what was going on, and old school friends, and buddies from work (Dylan is a Graphic Design Arteeest Extraordinaire with Krystal at Perrigo Art Dept).
For 3, we had a special guest appearance from Dale Boysen, Outstanding Guitar Doctor and massively important Tricks Alumnus. Wish we had been rolling video for this set. Dale lived up to his nickname "Whaler" and added some great guitar lines to our 4 ZZ Top songs, and a handful of other guitar-heavy tunes.
We had plenty of party food - dogs on the grill and a 13# deep-fried turkey were the main course. Noteworthy dishes-to-pass were chocolate-covered Strawberries, yummy cheesecake, cocktail wienies, cheesy potatoes, and a cheese & meat tray from Dick's Market. We also had a drawing for a couple Tricks t-shirts and a couple of the new Tricks Keychains. We also might have had a 50/50 raffle, but I don't recall; that would be illegal without a permit from our government nannies.
If I had my way, I'd dump the bar scene and do nothing but parties like this all year round. There, I said it! To be sure, there are nights at the bar that feel like a fun fantastic party, but there's nothing like invading a neighborhood and dishing out free beer and food to a bunch of music-loving party people.
There's nothing like a Tricks party where we say "we're gonna play 'til the po-lice come" - and really mean it!
Thanks to Dylan for a super fun party. Thanks to Fred, Debbie, and Roger for taking a ton of pictures to preserve the fun moments. Thanks to Debbie & Krystal for running the drawing thing. Thanks to Gilbert for helping with sound EQ & mixing. Thanks loads to Krystal's dad Don, for cooking the turkey.
Tricks started jamming around 8pm, the cops showed up at 11:30, then we closed the garage doors and we played until just past midnight. The 2nd keg of Oberon ran out just as we were wrapping things up.
For the last couple songs, Dale got up again and Rick grabbed Dave's PRS bass and we hacked out "Rock n Roll Hoochie Coo" and "Mr. Skin" - 2 old Tricks faves from the 80's.
If you want a peek at what we were doing with Dale back in the early 80's, here's some video.

Dylan Party Pix -
Debbie Pix - Fred Pix -

TRICKS - April 2008

April 25 & 26 - Sue's SideTrack

Tricks went out and bought a new Sound Board for Dave and a new Light Board for Krystal. Don't ask me why; we just felt like spending a lot of money to improve our Quality performance. It's what we do. With all that new technology getting tweaked back at the tech table, Tricks had nothing better to do than Rock The House at Sue's SideTrack. What a fun weekend. The band is getting better and better - we're adapting to the aggressive new bass player and the Bassbeast is adapting to Tricks. A lot more headbanging going on these days! Hurts the next morning, but it sure is fun getting a good rock and roll workout with the friendly crowd out at the SideTrack. Wish we could stay longer.
There are lots and lots of pictures, because we have more cameras now. The Beastmistress Debbie likes to take pictures in between molesting the band while she dances. I created a separate page for Debbie and Dave's picture taking shenanigans. See below.
Thanks again to Roger for helping out with cameras, equipment, moral support, and chocolate. Thanks to our bartenders, Don and Rick - we love ya, man. Thanks to Sue, Dan, and her wait-staff and cooks for some great food. Remember! Every Monday is Taco-Monday at the SideTrack - huge tacos for a buck each. We love that Sidetrack crew - what a great bunch of people. Lots of the regulars at the SideTrack are biker chicks and biker dudes, because Sue and Dan put on lots of Charity Bike Events.

Our Tricks Schedule for Spring and Summer this year is very thin, due to Steve's new grocery store construction. We're back at the SideTrack in October and December. So, see ya in a while. We'll miss ya.
Here's a bunch of pictures from this fun and wild weekend with Tricks at the SideTrack. We have bonus pictures from Bassmaster Debbie and Rick & Krys neighbor Fred.

Friday | DebbiePix

Sat | DebbiePix | And . . . Fred Pix

From Saturday night, here's Bassbeast singing "Strange Face Of Love" by Tito & Tarantula

Here's Krystal singing "Rock Me Right" by Susan Tedeschi

April 18 & 19 - Sue's SideTrack

Tricks is back at Sue's SideTrack - our closest venue for the Allegan and Holland fans. So guess what? - We had bunches of people there from Holland, Fennville, and Allegan. Krys had some of her co-workers from Perrigo and she also had a mini-class-reunion with her Allegan High School buddies. Rick had a bunch of Trendway factory rats there hanging and banging with the Tricks gang. Thanks so much to the people who drove a bit to be in on the Tricks party - people from Holland, Grand Haven, and beyond - you know who you are - thanks so much! We love ya!
The SideTrack is always a warm and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to bartender Rick for pouring those drinks all night long. Thanks to Sue for her kind hospitality and fun-loving attitude. Of all the many bars that Tricks has played over the years, there are only a small handful that are so nice and cozy and clean and friendly as Sue's SideTrack. It's great to have a nice bar to play at where you can brag about what a nice place and nice people you'll find if you come out to rock with Tricks at the SideTrack Bar & Grill. - Speaking of "Grill", you gotta come out to Taco night on Mondays; just a dollar per taco, and you get a huge taco - I guarantee that 2 will fill you up.
Friday - | Friday Debbie Pix

News from TRICKS - March 2008

March 28 & 29 - Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill, Weekend 3 of 3

Tricks had tons of fun with friends, fans, and family on this last weekend at the good ol' Wayland Hotel. Party crowds, Party people, Great drinkin' & dancin' fun. An especially wild and wooly time on Saturday night - something was in the air . . . could it be Spring Fever?? Combine that Spring Fever / Cabin Fever syndrome with a Tricks Saturday Night Blow-Out and you've got one wild night at the Wayland Hotel. It doesn't get much better than this. Several birthday celebrations were happening. We had Cap'n Craig and the gang there for his big birthday.
One more big "THANK YOU" to Mary Kay and staff. Tricks doesn't take it for granted when we have such a great sounding room, a big dance floor and stage, very friendly staff (and good-looking), nice friendly rock & roll crowds, great food and drinks at good prices, . . just an all-around fantastic place to hang out with Tricks and Friends. It takes a smart owner to create that atmosphere and to keep it going strong. Other bars come and go, but the Wayland Hotel is your HomeTown Rock & Roll Party Place. Even if you're not from Wayland, they make you feel At-Home here at the Hotel. Thanks so very much for having us, Mary Kay.
Thanks people for coming out to party with Tricks - we'll keep working hard to be the best we can be - for YOU!

Words from the New Guy; Dave BassBeast:
I asked Dave to give us his impressions after his first 3 weekends with Tricks.

"My impressions are that I couldn't be much happier with how this has all played out. I hate to use the words "gel" or "clicked", but there I go.
"Also, we continue to find that there are less than six degrees of separation as far as people we all know. It's pretty amazing how all of our friends' paths have crossed over time.
"I'm not gonna gush like I would if I got all introspective and what not. Let's just suffice to say that the folks who know me best and know how I feel about playing say it better than I do":

"Dave, you were meant for this band or this band was meant for you - I don't know which, but it's really f****n' cool"
"Man, it's like you've been with these guys forever, what's up with that?"
"Did you play with these guys before?"
"You guys really sing so good together, it's kinda like you've found your spot somehow"

"That's about it really. I'm happy, Debbie's happy - I'm home.
All we need to do now is bring it up to the standard only we know we can produce."

Friday -
Saturday - |

March 21 & 22 - Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill, Weekend 2 of 3

Tricks is really starting to get a handle on our new songs for 2008, and that Bassbeast, a.k.a Dave, guy is showing his stuff. But never mind all that, let's talk about the crowds at the Wayland Hotel. Both Friday and Saturday nights were wall-to-wall fun with all kinds of party people making the scene. Several birthday parties on both nights, sorry I didn't write down the names - but Tricks was honored to host your birthday celebration. Thanks so much for coming out to hang and bang with the Tricks Family! Most of the party people came early to sample the awesome Wayland Hotel cuisine; Mary Kay does a great job serving up generous portions for a very nice price. And we have to always remember to thank the good-looking wait staff - thanks girls! We love ya man!
I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the great crowds of fun people that show up at the Wayland Hotel. But, it never ceases to amaze me. Mary Kay says that Tricks has the very nicest fans. And that's coming from a strict business woman who is no push-over. Mary Kay says, "whenever Tricks is playing here, all I see out there is smiling and friendly faces".
Thanks to our friend Roger for camera work, audio recording, t-shirt sales, and various other jobs. Thanks so much to our regular Wayland crowd, our fan club from "you-know-where", our friends and families for warming up the room on such a nasty cold weekend. It might have been cold outside for late March, but IT WAS A HOT TIME AT THE WAYLAND HOTEL WITH THE TRICKS GANG.

Fri & Sat - |

STEVE'S Salute to Tricks Fans
"These last few years that have seen Tricks call the Hotel home have been most memorable. Thanks to the wonder of the ‘net we can go back on the History page and re-live some of it whenever we wish. Last night made some more memorable moments. Can’t wait until next week!"
"A few beers & shots may help you get loose, but the music is the magic that lets us all go as wild as we want. From the smoothest strutters on the floor last night to the crazed head swinging duet of Rick & Toni Bredeweg at the end of Free For All - you just gotta love it!"
"Wish I could remember everyone’s names. There is always someone who has kind words to say about the band’s performance or maybe recall a moment from the old days…cool!"
"What blows me away is when I’m talking to this Dude the other night and he tells me his buddy insists that he call him when Tricks is in town. They make all kinds of plans and arrange to spend the night at their house so everyone can cut loose. I’m so glad that even though we are sometimes a musicians' band, (because other bands come out to see us regularly) we’re also a pretty big party band too!"
"What a BLAST!"

March 14 & 15 - Premiere Bar Gig with Bassbeast
St. Patty's Day @ Wayland Hotel, Weekend 1 of 3

Talk about a blast! Tricks party people came out of the woodwork to display their Lucky Charms for a huge St. Patrick's Day Weekend with Tricks at the Wayland Hotel. Thank you Mr. Firemarshal for not showing up at our Saturday night rock fest. It was wall-to-wall fun as everyone came out to shake off the cabin fever. We're sick of winter here in Michigan, and we're going to heat up the place with some wild rockin', head-bangin', drinkin' and dancin' fun! Yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa! Words escape me (not really).
Friday was our first night with our new bassist / vocalist / all-around hard-rockin', screamin' thunder man, Dave Trierweiler (a.k.a., Bassbeast). And then Saturday was a madhouse, but a very friendly and well-behaved bunch. After all, Tricks is a family act. We know that everyone wants to party and get crazy, but in a very comfy and cozy atmosphere. - And that's where Mary Kay and her girls come into the picture. The Tricks party family appreciates all the hard work that the wait-staff puts in for our benefit. They serve up a great dinner at the Wayland Hotel, and then they keep the drinks flowing all night. What a great place! In case you didn't already know, the Wayland Hotel is our #1 favorite place to play and party. The crowds are great, the food is great, the staff is great, the room sounds great, the dance floor is great, . . . They got it all happening at the Wayland Hotel.
As for the weekend party. You had to be there. Indescribable and amazing fun time singing, drinking, and dancing with Tricks. The new songs went very well, and we're looking forward to getting even tighter the next couple weekends. Thanks so much to our regular Tricks crowd - you know who you are! Thanks to all of Dave and Debbie's family and friends and ol' band-mate buddies who came out for Dave's premiere weekend with Tricks. Dave & Debbie are good people!
What a great time! I think I'm repeating myself. You gotta check out the pictures to understand what I'm trying to say. I have 3 albums from Fri & Sat, plus some pictures from Debbie. We have a fun year on tap for Tricks in 2008. Thanks. We love ya!

Here's Céad Míle Fáilte to friend and to rover
That's a greeting that's Irish as Irish can be
It means you are welcome A thousand times over
Wherever you come from, Whosoever you be

Friday -
St. Patty's Saturday Party -
Debbie Pics -

March 8 - Tricks "Coming Out" Party at Roger's House

Tricks starts each new year by putting our toe in the water with a small group of family and friends, who we can trust to be understanding when Rick stops the song and says "wait, wait, wait, let's go over that part one more time". It's an open rehearsal party to try out all of our new tunes that we've been working on for the past several weeks at our friend Roger Schrag's nice big house. Besides getting a chance to try out new material in front of people for the first time, we also wanted to have a birthday party and a "thank you" party for Roger. You try having a band in your living room for a few months some time. It's a huge favor to give Tricks a nice big room to rehearse in, instead of being crammed into a closet in Steve's basement. So a big Thank You to Roger from all the Tricks family for making our winter break so comfortable. That was a big help.
Another purpose for this Tricks Coming Out Party was to introduce all of the Tricks family to our new bassist / vocalist Dave Trierweiler and his wife Debbie. (btw, Krys, Rick, & Dave did a short unplugged set at Debbie's birthday party last month. )
It seems that Dave (aka, Bassbeast) & Debbie are going to fit right in with the Tricks family. They are all-around good folks. In fact, we decided to hire Dave based partly on the fact that when he first started talking to Rick about the possibility of joining Tricks, he talked about his concern for his wife and how she might miss her good friends from the Meanstreak family and friends. That told us that Dave is a family-oriented guy who has a sense of loyalty and empathy. And that quality shows up in one's work ethic. So, we knew we had a hard-working, hard-rocking new member in the Tricks band.
Everyone at the party did their best to make Dave and Debbie feel welcome in their new "musical home". In turn, Dave and Debbie did their best to figure out who's who in the Tricks family.
As far as the big new list of 64 songs; Tricks ironed out some of the remaining rough spots. We are looking forward to 3 weekends at the Wayland Hotel, starting with a big St. Patty's bash on Saturday night, March 15. After a couple weeks, we will begin to, as Bassbeast likes to say, "own" the new songs.
THANKS once more to Roger, we'll miss your big house. THANKS to everyone who helped with the food. THANKS to everyone who showed up to help us get used to having people banging along with our new tunes. TRICKS LOVES YOU! Check out the pictures. Like we say, a crowd of Quality, not Quantity.

Feb 9 - Debbie's 50th Party

Our first ever gig with Bassbeast was a party for his wife Debbie's 50th birthday. The surprise party was in Middleville, and was attended by a bunch of Debbie's closest friends and family, including her new Tricks family. Happy birthday, Debbie! And many more! This was a great opportunity for Krys & Rick to meet Dave & Debbie's closest friends and family.

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