Blog - August 2018
Aug 4 - Annual Sandy Pines Color-Run benefit, day of fun.

The annual Color Run Benefit at Sandy Pines is a day full of fun. The morning action is all about the run around the park, with onlookers throwing packets of colored die at the runners. Who thought that up? Anyway, it must be fun, because young and old have a blast doing it, whether they are on the giving or receiving end of the "color". After the run, it's time for Dick's Brats. That lasts from 11am until 2pm. Rick was planning on doing solo acoustic music for the Brat luncheon, but Steve called off the music, because of heat and humidity. Steve said, "save your energy for the Tricks set-up, Tricks show, and Tricks tear-down. The reason we had to worry about saving our energy for Tricks? We're missing the most energetic member of Tricks, that's our Krystal. She took a two-week long hiking & campingvaction on the North Country Trail. See here from info on that trail, which covers over 4,000 miles of trails from Northern New York to North Dakota . So, it was the Tricks Boys Trio playing outdoors in the 93º heat with high humidity. Steve, Rick, Ozzy, and Dave worked from 4pm until 10pm, sweating our butts off. The actual show was only two hours; 7pm until 9pm. I gotta say, it was a very fun crowd, and a very polite crowd. We got enthusiastic applause after every song. The smaller half of the crowd was on blankets and lawn chairs, spread out on the nice grassy lawn in front of the lake pavilion. The larger half of the crowd was chilling in their comfy golf carts, spread out in the parking areas and the road. The lake behind us was very tempting, expecially while we were man-handling speakers and amps to get set up in the hot afternoon sun.
All in all, it turned out to be a great example of our favorite motto, "Work Hard / Play Hard". We had the funnest time, even though we were completely worn out by the time we wrapped the last speaker cable and threw it into the trailer. Even then, after 10pm, there was a big line of people to get ice cream at the place right next to where we player. Sounded good, but we had to hit the road and get that air-conditioner running. Thanks to everyone at Sandy Pines for being such a fun bunch. I know, I know; it was too hot to dance. We only had a couple little kids who danced every now and then during our show. Thanks to Sandy Pines management for really having the skills to organize such a great day.

Hot Saturday Night -

Blog - July 2018
July 14 - Holland Legion Annual Golf Outing
If we had pictures from this day, it would show a full house at the Holland American Legion. Golfers started at 10am, and many were drinking while playing 18 holes. When the whole gang gathered back at the Legion "clubhouse", there were all kinds of prizes for the usual golfing stuff, as well as a bunch of charity raffles and door prizes. The band was supposed to play 4pm to 8pm, outdoors. Because of the high heat and humidity, and the chance of rain, they called a couple days ahead of time to ask us to play indoors. Fine with us! We started about 4:15 because of all the prize drawings. We were surprised that much of the crowd still hung around after the prizes were gone. That's pretty unusual. But, by our last set at 7pm, we were down to about 30 people or so, with about ten enthusiastic dancers who wouldn't quit. We said, "haven't you guys had a long day today"? They said, "yes, we'll sleep good tonight". The Holland Legion leaders were among those who stayed until the last Tricks song, and they started their day before 9am. They gave us lots of praise for a job well done, and said they would be calling soon to book Tricks for another Legion event. Great fun, great crowd, lots of dancing action. Just what we like to see. Thanks to everyone for a great time. See you again soon.

July 7 - Jam N The Cove, 2nd annual Lake Allegan party on the lake

"Party of the Year 2018", at least so far ...Our 2nd Annual "Jam 'N The Cove" party for Lake Allegan boaters. Keith Dawson and Tim Miller are the main organizers and sponsors. The boaters regularly get together at the cove and the sandbar point just outside of the cove, tipping a few drinks, listening to recorded music, and chatting their lake-people chat. The whole point of this party is to have one big get-together for all the boaters and their friends and families. The Cove is part of Nethercutt Pointe residential division, on the SouthWest corner of Lake Allegan. Rick & Krys live in the Indian Shores division, on the peninsula that sticks out right in the middle of Lake Allegan.
There are three kinds of residents here on the lake;
1. People who come here for weekend get-aways from Chicago, Ann Arbor, & other places where they live - we're their "Up North".
2. Retired People who live here during summer, and spend winters down in Florida or some other Southern climate
3. People who live here year-round
No matter what category of "lake people", just about everyone is open to the weekend party idea. All 4 seasons, we are hosts to parties with families and friends getting togther for outdoor activities, on the lake or in the Allegan Forest. Lots of boating, kayaking, picnicking, campfires, ... you name it, we got it. This "Jam N The Cove" celebrates our lakeside life style. There are family and friends visiting from all over, including some of Keith's London friends and family. Thanks to everyone for making this the Party of the Year.


Blog - June 2018
June 8 & 9 - AJ's in Dorr

Expert photography on Saturday from our Arizona friend, Sherri. Check it out. Way better quality than our little "point and click" cheap Canon. This was almost a weekend to write home about. The crowd wasn't packed in, but we had a decent bunch of party people with ATTITUDE, both Friday and Saturday. The dancers fed us their energy and we gave it back in return. Such a small dance floor to work with, but we had a nice little group of people who just needed to get up and shake it, getting in the band's face. You know what that does? That gets the drummer going. And when drummer Steve gets all revved up, it puts the guitar players on the edge of oblivion - either zoom in on the groove, or be left behind in Steve's dust. He's taking us out on the limb, where it's do or die. No time to sit back and twiddle our fingers, we're busy hammering it hard, "firing on all eight cylinders" you might say.
Thanks so much to everyone for coming out to the heart of Tricks country. Thanks to Amanda and Ernie for keeping live indoor music in Dorr. As Bocephus says, "It's a family tradition".

Fri |Sat |Sherri Sat



June 2 - Allegan Eagles

Tricks doesn't get much chance to play in Krystal & Rick's hometown of Allegan. I mean, those two do lots of acoustic gigs and parties around this area, but as far as the big loud Tricks band, we just don't have the venues for it. The only place good for a Tricks show is the Allegan Eagles. They have a huge dance floor that takes up about half the space in the room. Very tiny stage, but we extend the stage using Steve's drum riser for Rick's side of the stage. It makes Rick about as tall as Ozzy, so hurray for symmetry! As usual, Tricks had a great bunch of party people at the Eagles. That included a bunch of our regular Tricks followers, another bunch of K&R party neighbors from Lake Allegan Indian Shores, and we also had a bunch of Krystal pals. All of these people know that a packed dance floor gets the band going, and the energy bounces off the walls. We'll be back here for New Year's Eve, so let's mark our calendars. Thanks to everyone for supporting local live music. Thanks to the Allegan Eagles for the same.


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