TricksBlog 2022

Blog - November 2022

Nov 13 - Thanksgiving Eve at Grand Haven Eagles

Tricks played here once before, about ten years ago or so. I should look it up in these Tricks History pages. Yeah, maybe later. Anyway, I remember a packed house, lots of dancers, and an elevator that took several trips to bring in our gear. That all turned out the same this time around. A great fun crowd with lots of Holiday spirit on hand. When we were here last time, I remember having a couple dozen old Trendway pals here. This time, no such luck. I guess we got our share of Trendway buddies at the Wax Bash two weeks ago (see below). This time, it was more family with our middle brother Larry and his friends, along with cousin Steve Weideman of "Catfish And The Man" fame. Steve Weideman is a longtime musical celebrity in the Grand Haven area, and he was the one who suggested that the Eagles give Tricks a call for the Turkey Eve party. I expected more dancers, but the dance floor was never completely empty, and there was plenty of hooting and hollering to make up for the lack of dancers. Most of the crowd were what we call "Tricks virgins" who kept coming up and telling us how great we were and "where are you from"? Etc. We appreciate the appreciation. Krystal got a little scared when a lady came up to her and grabbed her by the shoulder, looking her straight in the eye, all serious and everything. Krys was even more worried when the lady started talking very sternly, "I'm the day time manager here". Krys is thinking, oh no, what are we doing wrong? "You guys are great and I'm telling all my friends that they need to get you back here very soon". Okay! That's what I'm talking about.

Nov 5 - TRICKS birthday party for Jeff Weatherwax, Holland VFW

Wax turns 60! We got together with a bunch of Rick's old Trendway co-worker buddies. Great room at the Holland VFW. Great space for eating, drinking, and dancing. Big stage, big dancefloor, good-sounding room. Tricks did the 50th birthday party for Wax ten years ago,same hall, same band line-up, many of the same people. We dub this "Party of the Year 2022", even though we said that for our Lake Allegan neighborhood block party a few weeks ago. Let's call it a tie, although the VFW hall had a lot more room than the garage at Lake Allegan. Both parties were full of friendly faces and plenty of dancers. Thanks to Wax and Bev and all the workers at the Holland VFW who put on this bash. It couldn't have been more fun. It really helps that we had a crowd that wanted to hoot and holler and dance with the Tricks band tunes.

Blog - October 2022

Oct 21 - TRICKS BAND, American Legion, Caledonia

When a band plays at an American Legion and they like you, many of the Legion groups in neighboring towns will call for band bookings for their special events and benefits. That's because members visit with friends in those neighboring American Legion halls. The same is true with Eagles, Moose, and VFW clubs, but the American Legion in Dorr has sprouted gigs for Tricks at the Holland Legion, the Kentwood Legion, and now the Caledonia Legion. The special events and benefits are noteworthy because those are the nights when non-members are allowed to buy food and drinks at an American Legion hall. Otherwise, the normal rule is that non-members need to be accompanied by a member in order to purchase food or drinks. This event at Caledonia was a Steak Dinner benefit for veterans. We ran into lots of our regular fans who live over there near Caledonia, as well as past fans who were telling us all about past Tricks parties in corn fields outside of town. Don't worry, we have all that documented in the Tricks History pages, and these people were talking about the mid-70s and early 80s.
And there were lots of smiling faces, and the powers-that-be said that we'll be back. They already tried to book us for St. Patty's weekend, but Tricks is already booked at Kentwood Legion for that weekend. It's good to be busy.

Oct 15 - TRICKS BAND, Charlie & Erica's "Trap Shack" Garage Party / Fall Fest, Lake Allegan

This was "Party Of The Year 2022". Tricks has played lots of parties this year, and every one has been good on quality and quantity. But, the lakeshore community seems to capture that party spirit with a bit more enthusiasm than most land-lubbers. There are three types of people on Lake Allegan; people who live here year-round (like Rick & Krys), people who split their year with summer in Michigan and winter in Florida, and people to whom Lake Allegan is their "Up North" because they live in Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, or other places at the bottom of the Mitten. No matter which type you are, you have to be ready for a party when you live on the lake. Sometimes it's just a bonfire and beer. Other times it becomes a potluck and campfire. Most parties on the lake are spontaneous happenings, but then there are the regular annual events like the 4th of July party or this annual fall fest party put on by Charlie and Erica in their garage which is affectionately known as "The Trap Shack".
Actually, this was the 6th annual neighborhood party with Tricks in charge of the live music. This annual party started out as a simple Harvest Fest at our old friend Jack's big barn, across the street from Charlie's Trap Shack. After two years at Jack's with the Krys & Rick acoustic show, Jack moved to Florida and passed away not long after that. Charlie and Erica insisted on making this party a "Rock n Roll / Love Your Neighbor" party. So we brought in Ozzy and the drum machine, and made it an electric guitar classic rock Tricks party. Finally, after Steve retired from Dick's and bought his compact electric drums, we brought Steve into the mix for 2021. I remember Steve saying a few times last year, "this is a cool party". And that means a lot, coming from someone who feeds off the crowd's energy like some kind of Drummer Zombie from Hell. Or, maybe he's a Vampire, I'm not sure. At any rate, I don't think Steve or Ozzy would disagree that this Allegan party was "Party of the Year".
Like last weekend in Schoolcraft, it was quite a chilly evening, and I think that kept some folks at home. But it was still a good crowd in both quality and quantity. Judge by the photo album. The band was hot and the crowd was hooting and hollering the entire time.

Oct 8 - TRICKS BAND, Doug's Barn Party / Pig-Roast, Schoolcraft

This is another one of those annual parties. Tricks played for Doug's barn party / pig roast in 2019. After that, Doug didn't have a party in 2020 or 2021. But, now we're back in 2022. Because Doug contacted us to get into the Tricks schedule kinda late, we ended up having the party during a chilly October. That was okay, because we fit the band, the food, the drinks, and the people all into Doug's big barn. He did have a couple propane heaters outside the doors, so people were hanging out and warming their buns at the fire. Great crowd, great food, lots of food, ... and the band got a chance to try out their new sound system. It was a fun night and the band did a fine job rocking the barn. Doug says we'll schedule the party next year during early September. Let's hope that works out.

Oct 1 - TRICKS BAND, American Legion, Kentwood - Another JBL Speaker Fire and End of an Era!

Last stand for our second pair of JBL speakers and the Crown amp that was driving them. During the final set, we had a bit of Deja Vu with our sound system. Our second Crown amp took its final gasp and tried to take the two JBLs with it. Unlike at Kim & Duane's Sep 3 party, we caught the problem before both JBLs were fried. But, there was a bit of fire inside one of the JBLs. We turned our monitor speaker out toward the dance floor and finished the last set without the big JBLs. The end of an era. Our 4 JBL 15" two-way speakers with wide-dispersion horns and the 2 Crown power bass amps were the top end of our sound system for over a thousand Tricks shows during the past 25 years.

Blog - September 2022

Sep 10 - TRICKS BAND, American Legion fundraiser, Dorr

In return for the Dorr American Legion allowing Tricks to rehearse here last winter, we volunteered to provide free music for their benefit event to raise money to fix up their roof and other building repairs. The fundraiser was a huge success, bringing in plenty of much-needed money for the Legion building. We had a blast with longtime Dorr fans. We've always called our hometown of Dorr, "Tricks International Headquarters" for the simple reason that we always rehearsed in Steve's basement, in Dorr. Not to mention all the parties and events that Tricks has played for in the Dorr area, going back to the cornfield and backyard parties of the mid-70s.
After last weekend's loss of 2 JBL speakers and a Crown Power Bass amp, it was a good thing that we had another pair of JBLs and another Crown amp to use at this Legion party. We were still waiting for the verdict about that damaged sound gear, but we were not worried about the possibility of a repeat disaster. What are the odds? (See Oct 1, next month.)

Sep 3 - TRICKS BAND, Kim & Duane annual party, Irons - JBL Speaker Fire