TricksBlog 2023

Dec 15 -  Dorr Moose Lodge

Final Tricks show for 2023. What a great night it turned out to be! Lots of drinkers and dancers making merry with Tricks. Since Dorr is our hometown "Tricks International Headquarters", we saw lots of old Tricks friends and fans. What a blast! One really special highlight to the festive night was our friend Tom who bought a Santa Claus suit for the occasion. Nicest Santa suit we've ever seen. Tom got lots of attention and had a lot of people who wanted to sit on his lap.
This Friday evening party was an Ugly Sweater party, so you see the band dressing appropriately in the photos. Tricks takes a winter break now. We'll be moving into the Dorr American Legion hall in late January, for a few weeks of rehearsals. We'll probably have one closed rehearsal during the week, and then an open rehearsal on Saturday night. We'll be rotating most of our songs from 2023, and adding some old favorites and a few brand new oldies.

Dec 2 - Holland American Legion

(Show note: This was the first time Rick brought out his 1974 Les Paul in over two years.) Every time that Tricks plays at the Holland American Legion, we have plenty of dancers on their little dance floor. Since they haven't had regular bands there for the past two years, we were hoping to make up for the lack of dancers. But, that honestly didn't happen until our last set, when the dancers suddenly came alive. Even though we missed the usual dance floor action, there was plenty of love and appreciation in the air. We heard kudos from the staff, and they said they were sorry they didn't have a bigger crowd for us. They said, "we just started having regular bands again, so I'm sure you'll have a better turn-out next time you are here". It really helps having a dance floor full of bouncing bodies, but we can still have a good time rocking the room when we see some toe-tapping at the tables. We'll be back here next spring, so we're counting on that full dance floor next time. They promised!
Thanks for having us back, Holland Legion. And thanks to those end-of-night wild dancers!

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