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April 27 - TRICKS BAND at Kentwood American Legion

Finishing up our April series of club dates at Kentwood Legion. Tricks has only been playing here for a few years, but we liked the place and people from the very first show. They have a big dinner on Saturday, so we always start with a captive audience. Thankfully, there is always a fair share of people who want to dance. The typical pattern has us starting with a full dance floor for the first two sets, then the crowd fizzles out after 9pm and we play to a mostly empty bar for the last set. That's NOT what happened this time. We kept the crowd's interest for the entire night. I asked a couple people what kept them hanging with Tricks "til the bitter end". These two people both said, "maybe you've gotten better". I wasn't sure that you could get better at our age, but maybe our new sound equipment also has something to do with our staying power.

April 12, Friday TRICKS BAND at Dorr Moose Lodge

Just like last Saturday's party at the Holland Legion, this Dorr Moose crowd seemed a bit thin at first, but the place really got hopping by 2nd set. Always an interesting bunch of people coming up to chat about memories of good ol' days in the Dorr area. Rick had a chat with Theresa Williams from the Williams family. She went on about how cool it is to see Tricks still playing music after all the years. She hasn't played with her brothers in a long time, but definitely appreciates the "family band" scene and what it all means.
Tricks will be playing NYE at the Dorr Moose at the end of this year, so we're encouraging everyone to make plans.

April 6, Saturday TRICKS BAND at Holland American Legion

Our first Tricks show / party for the 2024 schedule. It's gonna be a busy summer. It already feels like "Work Hard / Play Hard". It helps to have a friendly, fun, appreciative crowd like we always have here at Holland American Legion. The band was really itching to play hard and tight. We had a guest singer sing "Play That Funky Music White Boy". Eddie did a surprisingly good job, and a bunch of his friends came up and danced.

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