Tricks History 1988

January 2, 1988 - Science Project - Bogie's Eastown Saloon - Last gig

1988 - Tricks is back! - Stan's & Lena Lou
We have no records of 1988, but a couple significant memories of 1988:
• Krys has a $3000 light show that she bought for Science Project. Krys will gradually take over running lights from Steve Raab. Actually, Krys and Steve agree to trade off running lights every other weekend, because Krys wants to dance. Our good friend Steve Raab has been running lights for Tricks since the Michael years, '76 & '77.
• The Royal Knight has new owners and doesn't do rock music any more. Tricks will have gigs at the Family Tavern in Caledonia, but they will also fill in the schedule with gigs at Lena Lou in Ada and at Stan's in Dorr. We also pursue non-bar gigs (weddings and parties) more aggresively through the Wiser Agency in Kalamazoo.
• In our rehearsals at the old Dick's Market, Tricks concentrates on more dance songs. Rick buys a Korg Poly-800 keyboard to add diversity to the Tricks show. We drop most of our more difficult and obscure songs. New songs include:
I'm No Angel - Greg Allman
Got That Right - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bang the Drum - Todd Rundgren
Green River, Fortunate Son - CCR
Let It Roll - Little Feat
Don't Mean Nothin' - Richard Marx
Higher Ground - Alan Parson
Paper In Fire - John Cougar
I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins (Steve and Rick duet song!)
Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

RICK COMMENTS - The last 2 songs in this song list, "Romeo" and "Wild Horses" mark the start of something big: the addition of acoustic guitar to the Tricks repertoire. I bought an Ovation Custom Balladeer in 1987. From this moment on, the inclusion of acoustic guitar in the Tricks onstage act would keep growing. 10 years later, we'll upgrade to an Ovation Elite, purchased by Krys but mostly played by Rick. And 10 years after the Elite guitar, we'll again upgrade. In 2007 Rick is now the proud owner of a Babicz acoustic guitar: the Identity Series Jumbo Rosewood, to be precise.

Tricks made up this little flyer, in our effort to find more venues which would fit our Tricks type of music.

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