TricksBlog - Mar 2017

Mar 31 & Apr 1 - AJ's in Dorr

Meanwhile, back at home base. This is our hometown bar, and it was a wild & crazy Tricks crowd both Friday and Saturday. We thought that Friday had such a head-banging dance floor, there was no way that Saturday would reach that level, even if there was a bigger crowd. Well, the old saying is "you can't figure people". It turns out that most of the dancers from Friday night returned for Saturday night's show, and that added up to a mostly full bar on Saturday night. And a mostly full dance floor - all night long! We knew that Friday would be a good dancing night, because our favorite "formal" dancers, Lance & Beverly were there to show how it's done. I love seeing that trained dancing. It's a special thing. And then, much to our surprise and wondering eyes, here comes another surprise for Saturday. I never heard the story, but I'm guessing that April Fools Day inspired a bunch of our friends to dress up, almost Halloween style. It looked like a mock wedding, with everyone in faux formal wear. Thanks to Debbie & Art, Rhonda & Todd, and the entire gang for making our April Fool's Day! What a hoot! I'm still smiling.
Thanks to the Owners, Amanda & Ernie for keeping live rock n roll alive in downtown Dorr. Great food as well. Thanks to the AJ's staff. Thanks to Tom for photos. Thanks to everyone who drove a distance to bring their party to our Tricks show. Last but not least, THANK YOU DANCERS! It's a thing of beautry when the band is bouncing and banging, and the dance floor is right in sync with us, matching head-bang for head-bang. We love you guys.
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Mar 10 & 11 - Wayland Hotel, Coming Out

And we're off! Out of the basement and ready for our musical adventures in 2017. Steve says: "... ringing ears and sore muscles from a totally satisfying weekend at the Hotel. Friday night was great to see all our old friends come down. Sat.- so cool to connect with strangers that really had a good time with us all night long. Best ever coming out weekend!"
It was a Tricks insider crowd on Friday, and Saturday was mostly people we don't know. Surprisingly, we had better dance floor action on Saturday. Our new song material also was better on Saturday, after a good warm-up on Friday. That Spirit song "I Got A Line On You" is really kick-ass. We really like the few new songs we added this winter break, but the big thing is the neglected songs we brought back into action. Steve really kicked out the jams on Metallica "King Nothing". And we were all happy with the way Krystal's Adele song is turning out - "One And Only" - a real dramatic love song. Almost like a rock anthem.
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