Tricks History 2002

Tricks 2002 was Rick, Steve, Rich, Krys (with Dave Lopez on sound)

Jan 26 - TRICKS Lite at Kendra 35th birthday

Feb 22 thru Mar 1 - Tricks rehearsals in Richie's basement in Wayland
Steve had his new Mapex drum kit, but still had his old Yamaha kit.
So, Steve had his Yamaha kit in Richie's basement for full band rehearsals,
and his new Mapex kit set up for home practice.

Notice the marker board with Work-In-Process song lists. - Rod dancing at an open practice in Richie's basement

Feb 22 thru Mar 1 - Krys Florida

Mar 9 - Tricks Lite at Rodney basement Party

Here's the Set List from our Tricks Lite Party in Rodney's basement:
The * asterisk songs are songs that we just learned,
and it was our first time trying them out in front of people

*It Stoned
*I Know Little
*Every Day
Wild Night
Magic Carp>
I’m Outta Here

It’s Yo Love
Rock Me Right
*Talk To Ya
*You Gotta Dance
*Walk This Way>>
*Train Kept>>


*Make It>>
Hit Me
We Will>Fat>
Tie Mother

Why Pt. II >
Lips & Hips

Hey Baby>>
Lo Rider

Sugar Mice Domino
Rock Ages Romeo Bad Moon

Mar 15 & 16 - Tricks Lite - first gig at Wayland Hotel
St. Patty's Day in Wayland



Mar 22 & 23 - Tricks Lite at Wayland Hotel

April 20 - Larry & Sherry Wedding

April 26 & 27 - Stan's in Dorr
May 3 & 4 - Stan's in Dorr
May 10 & 11 - Stan's in Dorr

May 24 & 25 - Wayland Hotel
May 30 & June 1 - Wayland Hotel

June 15 - Jeremy and Gerah wedding - Rick and Krys sing for the ceremony

June 22 - Tricks LIte gig, Cheshire golf Party for Linda Allen family and friends

June 28 & 29 - Stan's in Dorr
July 3, Wed - Stan's in Dorr - Here a page of photos from that hot night at Stan's -

July 5 & 6 - Stan's in Dorr
July 12 & 13 - Stan's in Dorr

July 20 - TRICKS at the Ugly Muthers Harley Rodeo
One good picture of Steve - more pictures if I can find them.

Aug 2 & 3 - Ye Olde Woodshed in Douglas
Aug 9 & 10 - Ye Olde Woodshed in Douglas

Aug 27 - Rick, Krys and friends go to see THE WHO at Van Andel Arena, G.R.

Aug 30 - The whole Tricks gang goes to D.T.E. Theater to see Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, and Kings X

Sep 8 - Rick and Krys use some Tricks speakers and amps, and they borrow a 7-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty for their "Libertarians of Allegan County" float in The Allegan Fair Parade, Sunday. We get a ribbon for our efforts and pass out lots of flyers, spreading the message that libertarians are here and they want individual freedom and personal responsibility. Fun day, and a good way to get sunburned!

Oct 4 & 5 - Wayland Hotel
Oct 11 & 12 - Wayland Hotel

Nov 1 & 2 - Stan's in Dorr (Halloween Party on Friday, the 1st)
Nov 8 & 9 - Stan's in Dorr
Nov 15 & 16 - Stan's in Dorr
Nov 22 & 23 - Stan's in Dorr
Nov 27, Wed - Stan's in Dorr - Big Thanksgiving Eve
Nov 29 & 30 - Stan's in Dorr
Another long string of weekends at Stan's - Rockin' is our business; Business is good!

Dec 6 & 7 - Ye Olde Woodshed in Douglas - A new venue for Tricks
Dec 13 & 14 - Ye Olde Woodshed in Douglas - Our first weekend at the Woodshed
The place is so small (seats maybe 45 people), we use electric-drums the first weekend.
When we first scouted this place out, we saw the band "Nimrots" (the old Stormin' band)
and they had e-drums. But we learned from this first weekend that the Woodshed folks
enjoy loud rock & roll, so Steve brought his new Mapex drums the next time.

Dec 31 - TRICKS New Years Eve Party at St. Mary's / Visitation Hall in New Salem
Awesome Night!!

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